Cloud Computing-Transforming the Financial process around the world

Cloud computing is the present and future of Information Technology industry. With the various advancement in the cloud technology, it is being adopted by every other business organization. Salesforce is one of the Best CRM software company that provides numerous working areas on cloud technology. It is one of the highly valued cloud computing company. With its growth and development, demand arises of a proper transparent and global financial close process.

Keeping in mind the demand of real time issue resolution and sharing of knowledge, Salesforce has managed to come up with a commendable solution with its Finance Management Cycle (FCM) application. This application is build on its Salesforces’ own technology. It is user friendly along with being market friendly. With the help of Finance Cycle Manager, the company has come up with a solution that can provide us all the benefits such as:

Keeping the user thoroughly updated with real time status updates

  • It helps assign tasks to the individuals and hence is accountable on its own
  • It escalates the issue as and when required and also collaborates as per the requirements
  • It keeps a track of the resolved or escalated issues and completed tasks

Being built on cloud technology allows the access instantly from any mobile device regardless of the location or even the platform.

The FCM helps and assists the Financial officers financial controllers with the ability of diving deep into the complex processes of financing and gauge progress from a global level to the required individual tasks that have been taking place at a specific office at one specific location. The particular instant chat option in this software has been added to divert the concentrated crowd to different relevant channels and resolve the issues.

The team at KCloud Technologies is constantly working in the cloud computing technology and salesforce platform to shape the business in the world into a better form. The company has been working on different products and services on cloud platform since its launch. The Finance Mangement Cycle is helping achieve just that. It puts our mission and goals into a bright light moving towards success in the world of business.

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