Meet Evolving Customer Needs with Smart Banking Solutions

Banking has come a long way since the past. With the digital revolution, banking has become goal based and personalized. A banker must have in depth knowledge of each customer and his or her needs to offer seamless and quick services.

To embrace digital transformation in business and offer the ultimate customer experience, banking has moved to cloud. An effective Salesforce CRM in banking provides unparalleled customer service and close deals faster.CRM manages customers effectively and offers sound solutions to their financial requirements.

Engage effortlessly with customers to ensure a transparent and secured banking process with Kcloud financial services.

Kcloud offers personalized, smart, banking services and helps customers attain financial objectives.

How can you deliver a premium banking experience with Kcloud?

Connect with Customers

Salesforce is the key to customer retention in banking. Understand customer problems and come up with the best solutions by keeping all banking departments on the same page. Connect with customers across various devices and respond to their queries real time.

Offer Personalized Service

An effective CRM helps to organize customer data and share it with different teams to drive sales. Focus on your customer behavior and needs to offer automated and customized solutions.

Deal with each customer by predicting his or her behavior and conducting regular follow up. Create key customer data reports and share it with other departments to integrate customer information.

Be Productive

Financial services CRM helps in streamlining lead conversions and handling accounts across different channels. Explore rich customer data from the sales and marketing aspect to identify potential customers. Analyze customer data real time and offer additional insights to obtain customer goals.

Explore rich customer data from a marketing and sales perspective to track customer activity. Analyze the data and offer smart solutions to exceed customer expectations.

Improve Sales

Help your customers attain financial objectives by addressing their needs. A unique CRM strategy supports lead nurturing and conversion to boost sales.

Expand Communication Range

Hear out your customer journeys and challenges with other banks. Leverage your brand with innovative and expanded banking solutions. Douse your customer worries and apprehensions by offering unique services to retain customer loyalty.

Avail personalized CRM services across various banking sectors

Retail Banking

  •         Build lifelong customer relationships by managing their financial goals through continuous interactions and customized solutions.
  •         Analyze customer databases and integrate with different departments for improved customer insights.
  •         Promote customer interaction and retention.
  •         Get quick access to customer information through any device for higher profitability.

 Mortgage Banking

  •       Give your customers personalized home buying experience by engaging effectively with brokers.
  •      Customize the banking process by coordinating with customers, brokers and employees.
  •      Simplify mortgage processes through different apps and devices to make borrowing experience customer focused.
  •   Optimize mortgage process by using productivity tools for effective collaboration between borrowers and loan    officers.

Premier Banking

  •         Kcloud delivers innovative and game changing services for profit generating customers.
  •         Build revenue by helping rich customers transform their financial dreams into reality.
  •         Personalize customer relationships with relevant data based on career goals, lifestyle and financial objectives.
  •         Analyze customer data effectively to reduce business risks and enhance productivity.

 Business Banking

  •         Explore and predict revenue generation to optimize transparency in business.
  •         Streamline data entry process to improve profitability and automate workflow.
  •         Enhance customer retention and nurture new leads in business.
  •         Offer the best-customized business solutions at the right time through different channels.

  Kcloud financial services offer personalized banking experience and enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

Implement smart salesforce strategy in banking with Kcloud,  to improve productivity and increase the number of happy customers.

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