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Kcloud Data Verification

Email - Verification
Address Verification
Phone Verification
Bulk- Verification
Real Time Verification
Auto Complete Address Verification
This component is helpful for organizations that wants to verify data like email, phone number and mailing address on records of Account, Contact and Lead. Just install it and simply replace ‘New’ and ‘Edit’ standard page with Kcloud Data Verification visualforce page.

Whenever there is a need of creation, editing or updating of the records with accurate data, any company would need a set up where the data can be managed effectively without putting too much time and efforts as accuracy is the key for data quality.

With Installation of the App you can perform these verification actions.

  • Email Verification
  • Phone Number Verification
  • Mailing Address Verification


  • Real time data verification- A trusted solution for your digital marketing needs with standard UI experience.
  • Just by installing and replacing standard New and Edit page with Kcloud Verification visualforce pages you can verify Email, Phone, Mailing address of records which will save you enormous time and efforts.
  • These actions will work for Account, Contact and Lead Objects.
  • Improved email deliverability by email verification.
  • We provide Demonstration of the app as well and we are just a call away!

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This application supports Account, Contact and Lead objects.


This application allows users to perform validate records in their salesforce organization easily.


This app will target the audience who wants to verify their data faster.


This will work for any custom or standard object and for any standard or custom field


User friendly interface will let users verify records easily.