Sales cloud comprises of the communities for sales. Using Sales cloud, sales team can follow up with their highest impact leads and also they can view the list of all recent sales leads. Business can plan and predict the sales, by sales cloud. Sales cloud professionals in the salesforce are able to connect with their teams through their social intranet network. News feeds help you to be updated with the projects, topics and various sales records. Cloud is a largely distributed system, where the customers can find the best sales leads to get the exact and accurate information. It is also easy for the companies to align their marketing managers to the best leads thereby resulting in the deals getting closed at a jiffy. The account and contact information becomes easily accessible where the uses get complete details on activity history, key contacts, and internal account discussions.

Service cloud basically forms the crux for customer service and support. This makes use of the Salesforce CRM software for establishing connections with the clients. Service cloud acts as the good listener and is responsive in all the social forums and does the routing work in a prompt way. This support service is integrated with the salesforce customer access platform to get a clear picture of the customer details. The applications built on the service cloud platform makes it possible to embed the customer support software in the service cloud. This set up paves way for more communication channels to be created for agents and customers. The automation solutions, streamlining of workflows makes the service cloud to be the world’s top ranking customer service solution.

The organizations which are part of community cloud have common objectives, similar cloud requirements and their ultimate goal is to work together to achieve their objectives. Ideally, companies who are involved in joint projects, developing applications require some central facility to manage and secure their projects more efficiently which paves the way for community cloud. These network enabling platforms filter down to one target, which is the customer satisfaction and long retention of customers. Chatter is one such forum which enables customers, partners and employees to connect with each other. Any required information or data can be shared in the platform for easy and any time accessibility. This community cloud offers a real time advantage of getting work done in a faster way; provide service to the customers effectively. This leads to an effectual collaboration of people in the social intranet. Chatter is the parallel tier in a community which enhances personal interaction and direct collaboration among customers.

Pardot Cloud is a part of the sales cloud and software for marketing automation and lead management. It manages online marketing campaign to promote your company’s services and offerings. In the current economy, all kind of advertising is social and pardot helps the business to have a strong and loud presence in the social networks. They create attractive campaigns to advertise the products of an organization to engage the customers and supports in customer retention. A smarter engagement always leads to happy and satisfied customers. They have real time alerts to speed up the sales and automatic notifications helps to keep a check on the status of the activities and operations.

An appealing look and feel always convinces the customers. By using custom portal, the customer community can view and log cases, update their records, search in knowledge base, and provides the flexibility of being an online support channel to the organization. The portal is very much customized and has similar functionalities as that of Custom portal as a whole manages the profiles, roles and sharing rules. It is also used to create knowledge base using salesforce knowledge and allow customers to participate in CRM idea communities.

User interface framework is a requisite when it comes to developing applications for mobile and desktop services. Lightning Component Framework is used for building single page applications. Lightning component framework comprises of tools and technologies to create dynamic applications for web and mobile devices. This framework is built of Open Aura environment. Components are the reusable elements of the user interface and ranges from single line of code to the entire application. It consists of Out of the box component set with best optimized environment. Components accessibility is rich and business ready. Customized features where either user can access the components using navigation menu or drag and drop option. The user interface is managed by client server architecture, which runs on JavaScript. The server transmits data as and when required. By this, the performance is optimized due to the intelligent interactions between the client and the server. The lightning framework is event driven architecture which is ideal for open and large distributed systems like cloud. When a message driven programming language is used, it simplifies the communication model in connected systems. The event driven procedure consists of producers, consumers and channel. As far as the browsing support is considered lightning experience comes in Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, unlimited and developer editions. This support feature varies with different salesforce products. Seamless functionality of applications facilitates parallel design, improving the overall operations.

This works with CPQ strategy- Configuring the offer, developing the appropriate pricing and creating the quote. Quote to Cash, otherwise called as QTC involves pricing, quoting, contracting, invoicing, payment checking and contract renewal. To get an accepted proposal to transform into an order, QTC is built to streamline and automate the quoting process which makes the business to gain more efficiency and more accuracy. Also, the organization gets a better visibility from initial quote to final payment.

Salesforce configure, price, quote is software for billing process. It helps in knowing the accurate price of the goods among an enormous volume of variables present across the platform. This sales tool is configured in such a way that it produces the prices of all complex products so accurately and the business rules are well centralized. Since the results are automatic and available in real time, it helps the companies to have the data at their fingertip. This helps sellers in a big way to quote goods and complex products.