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Salesforce CPQ

Kcloud’s Ventas CPQ" stands for "configure, price, quote." It is a term that refers to software that helps companies automate the process of creating and managing custom product configurations, quotes, and proposals. Ventas CPQ software allows sales teams to easily create accurate quotes and proposals for customers by helping them select the right products and options, and by automatically calculating prices and discounts based on various factors such as volume, customer type, and negotiated rates. This can help streamline the sales process, reduce errors and mistakes, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of quoting and proposal generation.

Why need to implement CPQ

Installation of CPQ software removes legacy quote processes with siloed data by leveraging automation and AI. CPQ accelerates sales by delivering accurate quotes with error-free configurations. CPQ tool makes the sales people productive by removing the manual bottlenecks in closing the sales process. Collaboration across different departments like sales, finance, and legal increases the revenue stream of a business.

Need to implement CPQ

Benefits for an organization

  • Quick quote generation with fewer configuration errors.
  • Reduced pricing errors
  • Faster quote approval time
  • Consistency in offering discounts
  • Collaboration across different departments to streamline workflow
  • Increased revenue stream with data-driven decisions
  • Faster closing of deals with a reduced quote to cash time
  • Increase in cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

CPQ with Kcloud

Expert Team

Kcloud has highly skilled Salesforce CPQ experts with quick response abilities. This resource pool analyses your organization's complex business needs and provides end-to-end solutions with Salesforce CPQ implementation.

Delivered X Projects

Kcloud has assisted leading enterprises with Salesforce CPQ implementation. CPQ software helps to close deals faster with customized and accurate sales quotes.

Best in market

Kcloud is the best CPQ implementation partner as it provides a suite of tools to accelerate sales processes by generating error-free quotes. Automated quote to cash process enhances business productivity and ROI.


Kcloud delivers its customers better insights with Salesforce CPQ by leveraging automation and AI with real-time sales quoting. Customized and consistent discounting increases renewal opportunities and optimizes the sales productivity of an organization.

Our Implementation Steps


CPQ reduces sales hurdles with automated quote configuration. CPQ also streamlines error free quote generation with accurate configurations, discounts, pricing and forecasting. 


CPQ ensures real time collaboration across different departments like sales, legal and financial to provide accurate quotes and customer centric solutions.


CPQ increases sales renewal with automated quote to cash process. Recurring revenue optimizes an organization's operational efficiency and delivers a successful business model.

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salesforce cpq


CPQ software reduces unnecessary sales activities by automating the entire quote-to-cash process and delivers value to customers.

Why we are best

Kcloud defines productivity and success in business with innovative CRM solutions. Our expert team will help you collaborate with your customers to drive progress. We take care of every minute challenge with customized salesforce capabilities and make sure that your company achieves business objectives. Our mission is to make businesses of all sizes grow with outstanding deliverables and customer-oriented service.