Huawei optimizes business transformation with Salesforce

Huawei  technologies is a multibillion dollar company dealing with telecommunication equipment and consumer electronics. Huawei has millions of partners and operates in 170 countries around the world.

Even though it is a widely successful company, Huawei had earlier faced challenges in the market with legacy sales procedures.

Research and development is the core of Huawei’s success and R & D efficiency was earlier being affected while trying to compile tools, data and processes.

Inconsistency in the management of inventory, work force and supply chains led to revenue losses for Huawei.

Also, the manual delivery of products was a cumbersome process for Huawei and  increased complaints from partners regarding the status of product delivery was affecting the sales cycle.

Huawei decided that it was time to adopt innovative digital transformation in the organization to boost revenue.

Kcloud technologies has assisted Huawei in leveraging cloud based applications with Salesforce CRM to grow business operations and empower customer journeys.

Cloud based R&D operations

Integration of design, analysis and desktop has improved efficiency and reduced the operation cycle. Cloud based R&D systems helped in global collaboration and accelerated product launches.

Increase in sales with automation

Overcoming challenges in sales by reducing errors fulfilled project goals and improved lead generation. Automated digital platform enabled sales managers to collaborate with teams, increase business operations and improve user experience.

Real time delivery with customer support

Engaging customers, employees and partners, real time, improved project management and streamlined frontline delivery systems. Labour consuming delivery processes were integrated digitally to improve efficiency and reduce costs by displaying the status of delivery at each site.

Innovative logistics and warehousing

Inventory management, packaging efficiency and warehouse logistics has seen an upward trajectory with smart supply chain operations. Automated warehousing and real time inventory tracking has increased profitability and improved Huawei’s production output.

Advanced collaborative platform

Integration and collaboration of partners via emails and social media has connected teams for instant communication and improved overall efficiency. Remote collaboration with customers through messaging and AI empowered real time knowledge base reduced costs for Huawei and solved complex service related issues. Advanced Data analytics and automated transaction processes helps in quick lead conversion

Kcloud technologies has partnered with Huawei to integrate business requirements seamlessly with Salesforce. 

Huawei has gained a competitive edge over its peer companies by leveraging cloud based CRM solutions to ensure error free data processing and real time decision making. Digital transformation and agile methodology helped in building long lasting relationships with customers and maintaining Huawei’s brand loyalty.