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salesforce crm for higher education


Higher education plays a significant role in the economy of a country. Higher education increases the chances of employment, inculcates better communication abilities, and helps the overall personality development of an individual. At present, the higher education sector is facing challenges that can be overcome with digital transformation in business.

A Digital platform will not only improve operational efficiency in the higher education sector but also streamline marketing goals. Data-driven channels will encourage better decision-making abilities for higher education institutions and deliver a better student experience.

Salesforce CRM has identified the shortcomings of the higher education business with legacy processes. Age-old practices in higher education have been the cause of diminishing growth in the sector. Manual operation of administrative tasks had made it difficult to maintain the long list of student records, increased competition with peers resulted in low student enrolments, endless student data was impossible to manage and was prone to misuse by hackers, data loss reduced the institution’s productivity, an inefficient collaboration between different departments affected the student’s academic prospects, high cost and untimely decisions reduced ROI, insufficient communication between parents and staff caused a gap and hampered the student’s performance adversely.

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Salesforce for higher education improves communication between students, parents, alumni, employees, and staff. Salesforce CRM for higher education automates administration procedures across different channels. CRM helps in the faster management of departments with data-rich operations. Tracking prospective student data in real time streamlines efficiency and increases the level of engagement. Salesforce CRM in higher education tracks prospective clients through targeted marketing campaigns and AI-enabled capacities to build trust and improve customer acquisition. The biggest takeaway from higher education CRM is that it is cost-effective and increases the revenue stream with a proactive admission strategy.


Salesforce CRM for higher education leverages automation and AI technologies to create a strong plan and make the education sector more potent. Automation not only simplifies the complicated tasks but also helps in the easy integration of applications across different devices. Automation is the key to innovative strategies that will help the higher education institutions meet customer expectations and simplify back office activities.

Salesforce for higher education

Salesforce for higher education breaks down data silos to get a holistic view of students and accelerate recruiter productivity. CRM creates a frictionless experience to make higher education institutions cost-effective and unlocks new channels for revenue flow. The real benefit of CRM is that it analyzes unstructured student databases to save time and money for higher education institutions. Real-time customer service improves communication visibility.

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Streamlined admission cycle

CRM keeps a record of the student database to get complete detail of the student admission process. A unified dashboard helps to manage the admission process by acquiring student academic course and program documents and enrolling the best candidates. Automation assists in managing inquiries with consistent communication across different channels and monitoring conversations to improve student retention.

Real time communication to customers

Salesforce for higher education manages data of customers (students, prospective donors, and alumni) in real time to gain insight into student information and ensure seamless cooperation between students and different departments. Communication between different departments increases the efficiency of educational institutions. Real-time feedback across social media sites enhance and ensure the smooth running of higher education.

salesforce crm for higher education


Personalized and cost effective customer journeys

A CRM tool is a cost-effective tool to maximize ROI in the higher education system. Cloud-based applications connect with student data by using customized content management tactics and AI-inspired marketing campaigns to increase enrollment figures. A user-friendly interface increases the visibility of the student database and ensures faster lead conversion. Personalized campaigns optimize student interactions and lower costs for educational institutions. Data-driven campaigning encourages alumni and donors to increase donations in the education sector.

Advanced integration tools to manage higher education

Salesforce manages relationships in higher education institutions with robust integrations. Successful implementation of integration tools helps to connect student information with different departments. API-led integration prevents data breaches or loss of customer data. Effective integration of student data with other applications improves engagement by taking care of student accounts, assignments, or projects. API connectivity gives a 360-degree view of student registrations, financial aid, and other requirements. This builds strong student success stories and maximizes retention.

Alumni management to improve fundraising

Salesforce CRM connects alumni and donors with effective content marketing and team collaboration to engage in smart conversations. Alumni and donors’ interest in the institution’s activities can be traced with data-driven operations to leverage a call to action and encourage donors to make a gift to the institution.CRM makes the whole process of searching for prospective donors seamless and helps the fundraising teams consolidate big and small events across a unified platform. Easy tracking of donor data and a simple payment process opens up good investment options for higher education institutions. CRM manages the key alumni processes online by setting up alumni portals with personalized communications, pledges, and gifts. Targeted marketing campaigns via phone, email, or chats optimize the fundraising capacities of institutions.

Salesforce CRM transforms the entire higher education process with a digital-first approach by reducing data silos, increasing lead conversions, and empowering administrative departments to make the student enrolment process error-free.

The Covid 19 pandemic has affected the health of individuals and incurred economic losses for higher educational institutions. The education system has suffered the most with online admissions and virtual classrooms being the need of the hour. Only an innovative fast-paced digital transformation can revive the education sector by ensuring viable communications between different departments. Cloud based Salesforce CRM in higher education drives automated collaboration between students, employees, parents, donors and alumni to yield maximum student satisfaction. AI enabled functionalities will not only solve challenges in higher education but also make the institutions profitable.

CRM for higher education