Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. We are very thoughtful about the type of information we collect from you. We have principles that are religiously followed while asking for any personal information from our users ranging from Name, personal details, email address, contact number etc.

How and why do we use Information?

  • To provide our services seamlessly.
  • Improvement in our services and adding features that will help users to get a better experience.
  • In order to keep a close monitor and do periodic analysis of trends and get a better understanding of the need of users.
  • For measuring the effectiveness of our advertising campaign, shooting out the loopholes and improve our strategies.
  • To prevent the fraudulent activities and transactions, spam filtering etc.
  • For personalized experience of using our services to the users.


All the information given on this website is only for general information purposes and is provide by KCloud Technologies.

  • We bear no responsibilities of the warranties, suitability or responsibilities of the third party references provided on our websites.
  • Our company has a policy of storing the users’ information only as long as it is required.
  • The sharing of information on our public platform is controlled by the user.
  • Our company aims for complete transparency in the process of collection, usage and storage of any personal information.
  • The Salesforce Consulting Company website provides you several links to other websites. The nature of the content on those website is not controlled by our company.
  • The reference links on the website of the company do not imply any kind of endorsements in all the cases.


With this privacy policy we are operating the website, all the mobile applications and also the other services that are provided by the Salesforce Consulting Partner, KCloud Technologies.