Ventas SMS Vs Other SMS App

Ventas SMS provides all-in-one solution for user better Retention. Salesforce offers a conversation view of all messages exchanged with a contact and provides an SMS report to help sales teams track their messaging activity.

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Why Choose Ventas SMS

One-to-One SMS Functionality

One-to-One SMS Functionality

It allows users to send and receive text messages directly from within the Salesforce interface.

Conversation View

Conversation View

The Conversation View feature in Salesforce allows you to easily keep track of all your SMS conversations in one place.

Scheduled SMS

Scheduled SMS

Scheduled SMS is a powerful tool that allows you to automatically send SMS messages to your contacts at a predetermined time.

Scheduled SMS

Bulk SMS

Salesforce's Bulk SMS feature allows users to send mass text messages to large groups of people at once.

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