“Kcloud team is very responsive and dedicated to getting the Project completed.”- by David S

“When you’re dealing with Rahul and K-Cloud Technologies you’re dealing with a professional company that is responsible and nimble. They truly want to help and are very honest about their approach. Because of this I will be rehiring them for another project.” – by Adam T

“It was great to work with Kcloud and Divs , very professional ,top quality teaching about salesforce and am expert now and am going to hire him gain” – By Krid

“Kcloud team was critical to the success of our implementation project – as they were able to pull together several different sales divisions to agree upon a single solution/process for using SFDC. Their review of our business objectives and processes resulted in the creation of several custom objects – which facilitated a successful adoption of Sales cloud platform. We are happy that we have partner like Kcloud and will definitely consider them for our next phase of project.” – By Andrew

“Kcloud team impressed us from the beginning, not only with their immediate understanding of our unique requirements but also with their ability to swiftly evaluate and comprehend the end result we were striving to achieve. The end product they assisted us in developing could not have been more satisfactory, both in functionality and in
aesthetic delivery.” – By Brett H

“Kcloud team was committed to the customer success from start to finish. Their subject matter expertise, flexibility and customer centricity were key contributors in completing an
innovative and complex project on time. We are pleased with their partnership and would recommend this Kcloud team for others.” – by Mike M

“Kcloud know Salesforce very well, and work expediently and diligently to get the job done. It is nice to have a partner who you can rely on.” – Dena B

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