Salesforce CRM enhances the retail execution capabilities of consumer goods companies with cloud computing functions. Consumer goods salesforce CRM helps the field representatives drive revenue goals and maximize ROI to improve the in-store buying experience of the end consumers. CRM optimizes the retail execution capabilities that are getting the right products to the right stores at the right time. Field representatives use real-time business insights and AI to audit the stock, pricing options, and promotional operations of retail store partners and drive growth for consumer goods businesses. Automated workflow and customer 360 platform leverage digital transformation to make stronger customer connections and unlock new business opportunities in B2B and B2C of the consumer goods industry.

Big data in the consumer goods industry helps to analyze fluctuating customer demands and predict buying patterns to rethink business strategies and drive profit. Data-driven functionalities improve the overall infrastructure and offer scalable solutions to give consumers a personalized buying experience. Customer data is protected with limited exposure and privacy rules to build trust and authenticate customer accounts. Data-driven goals help the consumer goods company automate stocks and market products faster. Big data help the field reps simplify the sales processes by prioritizing store visits, streamlining repetitive tasks, managing inventory, and building strong customer relationships. Salesforce CRM for consumer goods improves retail execution with innovative solutions and enhanced promotions to drive revenue goals and maximize ROI.

Optimized retail execution

Field reps use data analysis from their mobiles and business insights to understand travel routes, location, store visits, and in-store tasks. The representatives can let go of manual spreadsheets to make a checklist of inventory, planograms, promotions, and repeat orders. Automated retail execution helps the reps get the right order to the right store at the right time.

salesforce crm for retail
salesforce crm for retail

Prioritize store visits

Salesforce CRM (Customer relationship management consumer) cloud assists field reps to visit the right store at the right time. The automated platform helps to gain visibility on store location, shortest route, and time is taken to visit the store on mobile devices. An omnichannel view simplifies the sales process by connecting with the right store and closing deals faster.

Field reps can improve in store functionalities with Einstein AI to audit stores and identify out of stock products, pricing, discounts, product category and promotions. Automated workflow help the reps build strong relationships with the store owners and managers by taking feedbacks on their mobile devices and providing dedicated service.

salesforce crm for retail

Real time collaboration

Real-time store data analysis helps the field reps save manual auditing activities and focus on building strong customer relationships. Effective collaboration with the store managers on mobile devices drive business for the field reps with out-of-the-box functionalities. Field reps can track assigned tasks like collecting product data and pricing details to improve efficiency in sales activities and enhance retail store partnerships. Real-time mobile and video chats help to solve customer queries on pricing, warranty, and entitlements to increase repeat customers.

Personalized customer support

Salesforce consumer goods cloud engages customers and prospective customers to nurture leads and enhance cross-selling opportunities. Data-driven functionalities improve customer journeys with customized sales and optimized brand promotions. Representatives can drive revenue with effective order management strategies and enhanced in-store customer experience. Salesforce solutions mitigate data silos in the consumer goods industry to increase productivity and build customer success stories.

The Covid 19 pandemic has left a lasting impact on the consumer goods companies. Panic buying and hoarding of products led to empty shelves and delayed product deliveries. Demand and supply chain gaps along with changes in consumer buying behavior became a raising concern for store owners. Digital transformation and multichannel CRM applications will reinvent the consumer goods market with intelligent practices and automated data-driven goals. 

salesforce crm for retail