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Kcloud Mass Actions

Mass Edit , Mass Delete, Mass Update Data For Standard & Custom Objects

This component is helpful for organizations that wants to perform mass actions like mass edit, mass delete, mass update on records from any list view or related list and for any object standard or custom. Just install it and simply add buttons!

  • Mass Edit, Mass Update, Mass Delete records from any list view or related list.
  • Works for both standard and custom object.
  • No hassle in using it for custom objects. Just change the object name and you are good to go.
  • No manual entering the fields is required to edit/update.
  • Select fields dynamically on the go.
  • Edit/Update any Standard or Custom fields.

This application supports all standard objects. With few minutes of work, you can add it to any custom object in your organization (see customization guide) and it works on any filter/list view as well as related list.

This application allows users to perform mass actions to the records in their salesforce organization easily.

This app will target the audience who wants to clean their data faster, instead of going to every record, You can just select all of them at once.

This will work for any custom or standard object and for any standard or custom field

User friendly interface will let users choose from all the custom or standard fields of an object.