Kcloud Mass Actions
Mass Edit, Mass Delete, Mass Update Data For Standard & Custom Objects
This component is helpful for organizations that wants to perform mass actions like mass edit, mass delete, mass update on records from any list view or related list and for any object standard or custom. Just install it and simply add buttons!

While it’s a hassle to manage huge data whenever there is a need of editing, deletion or updating of the lists or filters, any company would need a set up where the data can be managed effectively without putting too much time and efforts.

Already in the world of automation, you would want your organization to be the best equipped with the ever-changing dynamics of the industry.

To enable you to attain that foothold in your niche we have the right application to serve your purpose. This application is built to provide you the freedom of managing your data with few clicks after you install the app.

Aiming the growth of your business, our product line lies in the various solutions we provide, through this app installation. These are actions that leave a double fold impact on productivity and efficiency by saving time and efforts in completing tasks. The Application is built, architected, integrated and managed to target the organizations who believe in an organized and easy navigation and methodology at work. Be it editing, updating, deletion or data transfer, you just need to install the app and add the buttons.

These solutions provided through the app adds innovation to the process of how you perform the task.

At KCloud Technologies we call these solutions as KCLOUD MASS ACTIONS.

With the installation of the app, you get the freedom to –

  • Mass Edit
  • Mass Delete
  • Mass Update Data ( For Standard and Custom Objects)

With Installation of the App you can perform these mass actions on any filter/list view or related list. It saves you manual entering to edit or update. You can also clean your data much faster as you are not required to go on every record. That can be done all at once.

This app is conceptualized to make the tasks hassle-free and less time-consuming.


  • Just by installing and adding the buttons you can Mass Edit, Mass Update and Mass Delete records from any List view or related list which will save you enormous time and efforts.
  • These actions will work on both, Standard as well as Custom Objects.
  • While using on custom Objects all you need to do is change the object name and that is it.
  • For the actions like Edit / Update, manual entering in the fields is not required.
  • Fields can be selected dynamically on the go.
  • Its User-friendly Interface will enable you to choose from all the custom or standard field of an object effectively.
  • You get the power of cleaning your data faster and all at once.
  • We provide Demonstration of the app as well and we are just a call away!

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This application supports all standard objects. With few minutes of work, you can add it to any custom object in your organization (see customization guide) and it works on any filter/list view as well as a related list.


This application allows users to perform mass actions to the records in their salesforce organization easily.


This app will target the audience who wants to clean their data faster, instead of going to every record, You can just select all of them at once.


This will work for any custom or standard object and for any standard or custom field


User friendly interface will let users choose from all the custom or standard fields of an object.