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Automate and grow your business with Salesforce data verification and mass action ( mass edit, mass delete, and mass update ). Enrich data integrity with clean and error-free data to improve visibility and streamline sales.

Bad data creates a negative impact on your business transactions. Take your business to new heights with cloud-based data validation tools from Salesforce.

Our products

Create and update records

Ensure real-time data updates with email, phone number, and address verification. Verify data from points of entry to make it user-friendly and maximize workflow.

Support your accounts, contacts, leads

Communicate with customers effectively using accurate email, address and phone numbers. Prevent hard bounces, secure phone numbers and install complete address to validate business records.

Maximize sales productivity

Save time and sales efforts with mass edit, mass delete and mass update of data. Avoid manual data entry with Salesforce mass actions and manage data with a few clicks.

Improve lead generation

Create correct customer profiles with accurate data actions. Prevent incomplete integrations and enhance customer data with mass actions to convert more leads.

Deliver accurate, consistent, and valid data to achieve business goals. Install Salesforce data verification and mass actions app to improve opportunities and increase productivity.