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Sales Cloud

Sell smarter and faster with the world’s #1 CRM solution.

Service Cloud

Support every customer. Anytime. Anywhere.

Marketing Cloud

The future of marketing is 1-to-1 customer journeys.

Community Cloud

Reimagine customer, partner, and employee engagement.

Einstein Analytics

Get analytics on any data, from any device.


Salesforce Platform

Build apps fast. Build business faster.


Salesforce IoT

Rethink the Internet of Things.


Pardot Cloud

Fast Paced growth with marketing automation.


Custom Portal

Create a custom portal with the world’s #1 platform.


Lightning components

Power packed lightning enabled apps



Give your business the quote-to-cash edge.


Salesforce CPQ

Automate quotes, control pricing, and close deals faster with CPQ software on the world’s #1 CRM platform.

Salesforce Health Cloud

With Salesforce Healthcare Cloud Implementation services from Kcloud is transforming healthcare industries by creating stronger relationships between patients, payers and care providers — and between the providers themselves. Salesforce for healthcare empowers caregivers to view patients as valued customers who have choices on who they trust with their most valuable possession — the health of themselves and their family.

Salesforce Healthcare Implementation from Kcloud are helping the most innovative providers meet the pressing new challenges of today’s healthcare industry, while also seizing new opportunities to up the quality of the care they provide to patients. We’ve helped number of healthcare clients to setup their salesforce CRM.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Experts

Salesforce Cloud united the customer experience from purchase to sale service. It gives wide range of capabilities so that users get a single view of commerce such as products and prices.

It provide a Unified view to the users of products, prices. Users can focus on their growing business

Salesforce with KCloud Technologies
”The success in a business world is never guesswork, it is always an outcome of hard work and smart work. With right decisions, proper planning, and smart implementation one can take their business organization to the top.”

Expert Lightning Consulting

Lightning App Development

Lightning Community Portals

Lightning Ready Customization

Lightning Component Development

Lightning Process Automation

Salesforce Lightning
Come with us
& experience its
electric colors



Make it
for you


Cloud computing is widely considered as the
biggest IT game-changing technology since
the Internet. We make sales cloud work
for you

Why choose us

Client Value

Customer support is at the heart of everything that we do. We lay extensive emphasis on customer support and assist clients in all possible ways at any time of the day to help them tackle any challenge at any time.


Value for Money

Our solutions and services offer amazing Return on Investments (ROI) to customers. We strive to accelerate the growth of businesses we partner. Our solutions are a hallmark of our commitment to give you the best experience.


Salesforce Consulting Partner

The company is a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner. Our consulting has assisted hundreds of businesses to make the switch to Salesforce CRM effortlessly. Our team ensures that the migration to Salesforce helps your business on all fronts.


“Kcloud team is very responsive and dedicated to getting the Project completed.”- by David S

“When you’re dealing with Rahul and K-Cloud Technologies you’re dealing with a professional company that is responsible and nimble. They truly want to help and are very honest about their approach. Because of this I will be rehiring them for another project.” – by Adam T

“It was great to work with Kcloud and Divs , very professional ,top quality teaching about salesforce and am expert now and am going to hire him gain” – By Krid

“Kcloud team was critical to the success of our implementation project – as they were able to pull together several different sales divisions to agree upon a single solution/process for using SFDC. Their review of our business objectives and processes resulted in the creation of several custom objects – which facilitated a successful adoption of Sales cloud platform. We are happy that we have partner like Kcloud and will definitely consider them for our next phase of project.” – By Andrew

“Kcloud team impressed us from the beginning, not only with their immediate understanding of our unique requirements but also with their ability to swiftly evaluate and comprehend the end result we were striving to achieve. The end product they assisted us in developing could not have been more satisfactory, both in functionality and in
aesthetic delivery.” – By Brett H

“Kcloud team was committed to the customer success from start to finish. Their subject matter expertise, flexibility and customer centricity were key contributors in completing an
innovative and complex project on time. We are pleased with their partnership and would recommend this Kcloud team for others.” – by Mike M

“Kcloud know Salesforce very well, and work expediently and diligently to get the job done. It is nice to have a partner who you can rely on.” – Dena B

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This component is helpful for organizations that want to perform mass actions like mass edit, mass delete, mass update on records from any list view or related list and for any object standard or custom. Just install it and simply add buttons!

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