Kcloud Technologies

Barry Edwards

Barry Edwards

Board of Director, 9 X Certified Salesforce Solutions Architect, Salesforce.com

We’ve another sizzling personality from the Salesforce cloud background to join Kcloud Technologies Board Member Barry Edwards who was recently appointed to the Kcloud Technologies Board of Directors. The company’s mission is to improve the usage of cloud-based CRM such as Salesforce. 
Barry is a Certified Salesforce Architect and has 15+ experience in the Salesforce cloud.
Barry is also a Founder & CEO of Cloudone+ which focuses on the aviation sector in the united states. Before starting this venture he worked at Capgemini as Salesforce Solution Architect. 

He supported in Aviation industry with no. of large implementations during his career as Salesforce Solution Architect.

Prior to joining Capgemini, Barry was working with Fortune 500 companies.
Barry provided the expertise of Salesforce to many companies in their business digital transformation.