Client Success Story

How LloydPharmacy has expanded Pharmacy Management business using Salesforce

Lloyd Pharmacy is a leading British pharmaceutical company delivering prescription medicines. Lloyd Pharmacy has more than 1500 pharmacies and fills over 150 million prescription items annually. Lloydspharmacy also takes care of patients well being by offering other healthcare essentials like face masks, skincare products, vitamins, and supplements.

Lloyd Pharmacy is a highly successful company but it has earlier faced obstacles in pharmacy management with traditional prescription dispensing processes.

The foremost challenge that Lloyd Pharmacy faced was patient data. Haphazardly organized patient data led to delays in verification and misinterpretation. Lloyd Pharmacy could not address patient expectations and lost business to competitors.

Also, managing patient data manually led to a repetition of tasks and wasted Lloyd Pharmacy’s precious business hours. Analog data management systems raised the risk of data loss during store thefts and natural calamities.

Disorganized data was prone to be misused by hackers, which raised complications for LloydPharmacy’s data security.

To manage patient needs and provide the best pharmacy service, Lloyd Pharmacy shifted to digital transformation in business.

Kcloud Technologies has helped LloydPharmacy grow its business and provide optimum customer experience with Salesforce CRM software. Cloud-based solutions have assisted LloydPharmacy in managing patient data, decreasing operational costs, and maintaining successful patient journeys.

How LloydPharmacy has achieved new heights in business with CRM

The adoption of the Salesforce CRM platform has led LloydPharmacy to keep a track of all the patients and their medical history. This assisted in maintaining a well-defined patient-pharmacist relationship and providing a personalized patient experience.

Managing patient data effectively

Reduction of pharmacy management costs

Automated data driven operations reduced operation costs for LloydPharmacy. Pharmacists could provide accurate healthcare assistance to the patients by reducing errors and offering fast prescription fillings. Legacy processes like inventory, billing and doorstep delivery were managed through automation to improve pharmacy workflow.

Cloud-based CRM services protect patient data. Patient information was retained along with patient medical history and healthcare information. This allowed the pharmacist to access patient data anytime and from anywhere. Threats of data loss from natural calamities or data thefts decreased manifold.

Data security with a cloud based service

Real time response to patient queries

CRM technologies leverage AI in the pharmaceutical business and addresses patient queries and concerns in real-time. Pharmacists responded to patient prescription delays or other healthcare issues and solved problems to deliver personalized patient journeys.

Salesforce CRM helps LloydPharmacy provide fast and automated services to patients. Data-driven operations freed the pharmacists from repetitive manual tasks and helped them devote more time to patient needs. Lloyd Pharmacy could deliver prescription medicines on time with one-to-one patient interactions. Lloyd Pharmacy online doctors provided accurate medical advice over any device to increase patient satisfaction. Kcloud’s Pharmacy management CRM solutions have helped LloydPharmacy optimize business capabilities. Lloydspharmacy has built successful and personalized patient journeys by adopting digital transformation and automation with Salesforce.

Effective collaboration with patients