How ticketmaster is engaging fans worldwide with incredible live events by using Salesforce

Ticketmaster is the world’s leading company selling event tickets to fans around the continent. Be it concerts, theatres, sports or Broadway shows, Ticketmaster always empowers fans with its efficient marketing campaigns to boost sales.

The scenario was different earlier. It was difficult for Ticketmaster to manage huge amounts of data, which was getting siloed. Ticket purchase and emails were on separate platforms and it was becoming increasingly impossible to manage both and integrate customer queries at the same time.

To meet the pressing demands, Ticketmaster adopted digitalization and shifted to salesforce to deliver more personalized and hassle free customer journeys.

Kcloud technologies has empowered Ticketmaster with its salesforce services to make business grow and exceed customer expectation. Salesforce has helped Ticketmaster connect with customers real time with cloud based applications. Huge amounts of data which was earlier difficult to analyze and introspect is now organized seamlessly by leveraging AI and automation to provide customers an event attendance of their lifetime.

Giving fans a personalized ticket buying experience

Live events like concerts, theatre or sports involved a huge amount of customer data, which was difficult to manage and categorize. Added to this there were discounts, free passes and business ticket accounts, which had to be integrated with the actual ticket orders. The roles of sales representatives in this area are of utmost importance. To convert orders into opportunities and gain visibility into actual ticket sales, representatives are relying on sales cloud. Monitoring customer data using dashboards help track ticket sales accurately across all channels. Using Sales cloud purchase confirmations are handled and customer preferences are addressed thus improving data security and transparency.

Innovative marketing features to strengthen customer satisfaction.

Ticketmaster has gained a 360 degree customer view with salesforce marketing cloud. By gathering data across various channels, Ticketmaster communicates with fans real time to drive business growth and provide accurate event related information. Kcloud technolgies salesforce marketing platform integrates audience information with its innovative and real time salesforce applications.

Meaningful customer relationship with insightful data for long-term gains

Ticketmaster has seen record ticket sales for by adopting the salesforce platform. Powerful productivity tools to drive automation and AI have led to faster and seamless customer engagement across different channels. Ticketmaster has integrated salesforce Pardot and Service cloud to get a unified view of each customer starting from purchase of tickets to on boarding new leads.

Kcloud technologies has assisted ticketmaster in reaping the benefits of digitalization in ticket sales with its salesforce solutions. Ticketmaster can now deliver its fans an unforgettable experience of attending live events and create memories of a lifetime.