Fruitful email verification system to meet your business goals – The KCloud Data Verification App

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Today, the question upfront is ensuring the security and safety of data that comes from different sources the most common source of which is emails. You must have gotten delivery mail notifications sometimes in life on important mails sent to a friend not delivered or to some business contacts that you needed to communicate. To guarantee that communication via email is smooth and instant, data verification stands a brilliant chance to tackle email hard bounces and address verification problems.

Data validation intends to assure guaranteed accuracy and consistency in various kinds of information that is made to be used for an application or automated system but it means to be secured from outside tampering plus it must be deliverable to the correct address.

KCloud Technologies brings an amazing technology to your doorstep and it’s the KCloud Data Verification App which not only takes the lead in anticipating valid identity of data coming in the form of emails but also manages mass verification of emails along with address and phone number identification so that you don’t run on an identity crisis!

KCloudData Verification App is a leader in bulk email scrutiny and handling because of its user-friendly interface that does not disrupt end-user workflow and it’s all the more exciting when you can easily edit, modify or change records based on real-time address and email information.

Now how exactly KCloud Data Verification App gives peace of mind?

High Mail Accuracy – This KCloud App assures that all email addresses you have are accurate and you don’t confront a single hard bounce when you need to send an email to an important client. Hence, you get only valid email that is deliverable.

Spam Guard – The App also secures you from spurious emails and phone numbers. You have a handy global phone verification system covering 180 countries and more interestingly, there is complete information on the nature of the number i.e. The app shows if a number belongs to a landline, mobile, residential, or commercial source.

Call Check – The software also is a great help to filter out spam calls, and invalid emails, and this is all done in real-time. There is no limit to the extent of information that it can extract from each and every mail for your important business contacts.

The KClound App makes it simpler to check each unique email address and gives clear data about username registration at the domain. In extra, their internal fraud protection provides you extra shield to ensure the account type is not temporary or made for online fraud.

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