Role of CPQ in Enhancing Business of the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is one of those industries that have a lot of variables to considered and very much prone to error in the quoting and pricing processes. The process itself is very time consuming and in this industries considering a number of add-ons and restrictions it becomes even more difficult to accomplish the task. The Salesforce CPQ software helps in the process and saves times and energy of the clients as well as the business employees.

In general, the benefits of CPQ software include the following:

  • Improvements in the organization
  • No more dependency on spreadsheet
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Increase in accuracy
  • Better Efficiency and Productivity

In the field of manufacturing, having an updated knowledge of the items sold or to be bought is necessary as it changes rapidly with the technology and ideas of manufacturing. In such cases, it becomes important to have an accurate assistance in configuring and quoting the prices of the material and products while taking the items sold in the past into consideration.

The Salesforce CPQ software can be easily integrated with the third party software required for the functioning of the business. The best way to the implementation is from a certified Salesforce Implementation Consultant.

CPQ software follows the cloud implementation strategy help us in the following tasks:

  • It does more accurate pricing as compared to the manual work that includes research, record keeping and pricing according to the mentioned variables in the manufacturing industry.
  • It processes the work faster than any other group of software and generate faster quotes.
  • The tedious process of configuration that has many possibilities of errors while doing manually is thoroughly automated with the Salesforce CPQ software.
  • It enables the sales to focus on the selling and the sellers are able to make more leads.
  • It supports the forecasting by considering the current and accurate sales data.
  • It offers the opportunity of connecting the dots in the pipeline of re-sellers and have deeper insight into the customer base.



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