Unleashing the Power of Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud

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Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud empowers energy and utility providers with a cutting-edge digital platform that enables personalized customer engagements. This revolutionary solution enables utilities to exceed customer expectations by seamlessly guiding them through various processes such as enrollment, transfer, and service activation via a self-service website. Leveraging intuitive drag-and-drop tools, utilities can effortlessly configure complex workflows and streamline their operations.

By integrating with existing back-end systems like CIS (Customer Information System) and MDM (Meter Data Management), Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud ensures a seamless service experience. Utilities gain a holistic view of each customer, enabling them to deliver highly personalized and predictive experiences. They can share special offers, program details, and updated product rates tailored to individual customers. Moreover, the platform provides digital tools that facilitate informed decision-making, empowering customers to make choices that best suit their needs.

With the inclusion of chatbots for initial customer support, available round the clock and accessible from anywhere, service agents can promptly address customer queries and provide appropriate assistance when required. Agents benefit from a comprehensive view of each customer account, seamlessly navigating between multiple residential or commercial accounts. They have access to vital information such as complete chronological history, account and billing details, usage patterns, and more. All relevant data is consolidated from back-end systems, ensuring agents have a single source of truth at their fingertips. Additionally, agents can gain insights into processes and actions initiated through other channels, enabling them to provide superior service throughout the customer journey, from finalizing purchases to scheduling field service appointments.

The interactive dashboard within Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud offers utilities valuable real-time data insights, placing customers at the core of their business strategies. This enables utilities to make informed decisions and continuously enhance their services. Furthermore, the platform offers a library of hundreds of pre-built business processes and integrations, providing developers with a valuable resource to accelerate time-to-value and drive digital transformation.

In conclusion, Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud is a game-changer for energy and utility providers, revolutionizing customer engagements and empowering them to deliver exceptional experiences. By leveraging this innovative platform, utilities can forge stronger customer relationships, optimize their operations, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

How can the Salesforce energy and utilities cloud transform the energy sector?

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Embrace Evolving Customer Expectations: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Step into the digital era and rapidly scale your operations by seamlessly integrating with your existing systems. Provide customer-centric services to your energy community and create personalized experiences.

Streamline Your Oil and Gas Business: Future-Proofing the Energy Landscape

Establish real-time collaboration among stakeholders and assets throughout the service journey. Empower field decision-making with instant access to crucial data and insights.

Discover the Power of Energy and Utilities Cloud

Harness the capabilities of a connected, flexible, and scalable platform to drive customer service and engagement. Centralize customer data and deliver personalized, proactive services from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Unlock Scalable Innovation: Leveraging Preconfigured Best Practices

Gain access to a rich repository of over 100 extendable best practices designed specifically for the energy industry. Seamlessly connect to back-office utility Billing and Customer Information Systems (CIS) through intuitive drag-and-drop integrations.

Fuel Customer Acquisition and Retention: Maximize Customer Freedom

Equip your team with data-driven tools, analytics, and AI-based insights to transform agents into trusted advisors. Offer personalized customer service on a digital-first platform and support customers across their entire journey, from residential to commercial.

Power Up Your Operations: Navigating the Complex Utility Landscape

Navigate the intricacies of the utility sector with ease through powerful digital transformation. Revolutionize the utility customer experience by embracing a customer-first approach.

Drive Sustainable Growth: Leading the Charge in Sustainability

Stay ahead of the competition with innovative digital transformation strategies that propel your business during the energy transition. Foster energy efficiency program adoption and collaborate with customers to embrace sustainable offerings and services.

Optimize the Oil and Gas Value Chain: Connecting Stakeholders and Assets

Enhance communication and engagement across the entire oil and gas value chain. Seamlessly connect landowners, suppliers, customers, shareholders, and compliance organizations. Prioritize staff safety, reduce costs through analytics and AI, and boost on-site efficiency.

Transform Downstream Enterprises: Enhancing Customer Retention and Efficiency

Deliver personalized experiences and drive customer retention by leveraging a platform that fosters personalization and growth. Strengthen stakeholder relationships across distribution channels and optimize operations for improved plant efficiency.

Revamp Oilfield Equipment and Services: Winning High-Margin Deals

Personalize contracts, quotes, and bids to secure high-margin deals. Capitalize on existing IoT investments by leveraging analytics and AI to drive business intelligence and cost reductions. Simplify processes, enhance transparency, and embark on a digital transformation journey.

Lead the Charge in Sustainability: Driving Social and Environmental Excellence

Scale up your social, environmental, and governance initiatives to engage stakeholders. Track and account for greenhouse gas emissions across assets and locations to fast-track progress toward sustainability goals.

Prepare for a Sustainable Future: Agile Adaptation and Business Innovation

Anticipate future challenges and pivot quickly with an agile platform that allows for rapid business model adjustments, process workflows, and integrations. Be ready to embrace a sustainable future and drive your organization’s success.


1. Who Can Harness the Potential of Energy & Utilities Cloud?

Energy & Utilities Cloud is designed for energy and utilities providers aiming to redefine the customer experience and seamlessly connect the customer journey across every interaction point.

Regardless of your business model, whether you are a regulated energy company or a retail energy provider, Energy & Utilities Cloud empowers you to deliver connected, personalized, and engaging digital-first experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

2. Integrating Energy & Utilities Cloud with Your Existing Customer Information and Billing Systems.

Energy & Utilities Cloud does not replace your current billing or CIS systems. However, integrating your utility enterprise systems with Energy & Utilities Cloud is simple. Leverage the provided utility-specific data models and a repository of pre-built processes to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

3. The Unique Advantages of Energy & Utilities Cloud.

Energy & Utilities Cloud is built on the design methodology that underpins the world’s leading CRM platform. It is purpose-built for the energy industry, enabling you to achieve faster time-to-value with industry-specific data models, customizable apps, and ready-to-use integrations. Benefit from the expertise of industry leaders who offer click-based implementation and continuous guidance throughout your digital transformation.

4. Seamless Integration with Other Salesforce Products.

Energy & Utilities Cloud seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce products such as Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Service Cloud. This integration empowers you to innovate rapidly, leveraging the full capabilities of the Native Salesforce Customer 360 platform.

Embrace Energy & Utilities Cloud to transform the way you engage with customers, streamline operations, and drive digital excellence in the energy sector.

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