Enhancing Data Richness with power of AI through Individual Data ownership

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The AI technology prevalent in the Salesforce CRM has big potential of transforming the data business around the world on various innovative levels. A rich flow of data in the company can ensure better business terms and conditions in any business. It is an important part of Customer Relationship Management to work on the flow of data. To ensure high-quality data, the market of individual data ownership is one of the best choices keeping in mind the current scenarios.

In the world of online technology, data breaching and theft is the major concern among the customers. Hence, they do not feel secure while sharing their personal data with some unauthenticated website or gateway. In such case, the companies need to recognize the vast potential in the market of individual data ownership.

Developments have been done and are being continued on the basis of blockchain technology to help the individuals control the trading of their personal data. These blockchain-based platforms also offer economic value of the data and provide economic incentives in exchange for their data.

This individual data ownership builds a higher level of trust among the client and the customers. This concept of data ownership makes sure that the data is accessed only by qualified and permitted members on the network. None other than the permitted ones are allowed to read, edit, delete or share the data with any third party.

This system will surely help the government and the citizens as an individual. Adding a monetary value to online footprints would surely bring value to the government as a system and on individual citizen level too.

The power of AI in machine learning and the block-chain technology is capable of providing empowering solutions to the data problems in business. The Individual Data Ownership offers a great opportunity to the companies who have not been collecting the data very effectively. This ownership of data concept has potential of creating a data market and purchasing only the data that is required by the business.

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