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Wealth Management companies have faced challenges with traditional financial services in the past. These services were not organized and managing client data was a burden. This resulted in decreased productivity and slow closing of deals.

With the digital revolution, clients have become more tech-savvy and want to consult the best advisor for their increasing range of financial products. The clients want personalized services for maximizing profit and are ready to switch advisors if necessary.

Salesforce CRM Platform for Financial Services

CRM for financial services in wealth management helps advisors understand clients’ financial goals by getting a 360-degree view of business, investments, and client portfolios.

Using Salesforce technology financial advisors can easily track unique challenges in wealth management like client relationships and interactions, holdings, family attributes, and investments.

CRM is the Future of Wealth Management

CRM captures client data and optimizes wealth management to make the client the center of business.

Wealth managers have access to vital client information like financial accounts, family networks or earlier interactions

The client data is analyzed, stored, and accessed in real-time by wealth managers thus taking client investments to the next level.

By building a robust relationship with clients, wealth managers can offer valuable advice and help clients achieve their financial goals.

Kcloud- A Dynamic Financial CRM Service

Kcloud has the expertise to personalize interactions between wealth management firms and clients to initiate growth and build trust.

With Kcloud financial services CRM, financial advisors are empowered to manage client data and interactions for perfect wealth solutions and long-term investments.

Be the Ideal Wealth Manager with Kcloud

1 Get Relevant and Meaningful Data
Wealth managers rely on actionable client data to keep a record of client investments. They capture, analyze, and store data to advise clients on effective investments. Wealth advisors generate reports from different sources to track client activities and appointments. The advisor gains a competitive advantage with complete client accounts (gains and losses) from the relevant data. They can offer an organized service to existing clients and attract potential clients.

2 Integrate Partner Apps for Effective Collaboration
Integration helps advisors in improving and innovating productivity tools to manage client relationships effectively. Client data can be accessed from anywhere to offer personalized solutions. Financial advisors retrieve relevant client data from technology partners to automate existing processes and achieve client-focused objectives.

3 Deliver Client Goals with Customized Services
Build robust relationships with clients and their households with effective CRM tools. Respond to client needs from any device with customized dashboards and account alerts to deliver a suitable financial solution for their needs.
With customized services, the Wealth Managers can analyze and review client financial accounts, spending habits, client needs, addresses, and personal interests to get a broader picture. This will give a better understanding of clients and the safety of information.

4. Build Strong Advisor Client Relationship
Professional financial advisors can look back into client history to identify behavior and investment patterns. This will help them to plan the future wealth management of the client accordingly. With the help of mobile apps and analytical capabilities, advisors are able to personalize relationships with customers and build trust. Customer loyalty will have a positive impact on an advisor’s business and make it grow.

A New Dawn for Wealth Advisors

Kcloud Technologies offers technical expertise with customized CRM solutions to manage advisor-client relationships that can last a lifetime and generate new leads in the advisor’s business.

Kcloud Financial Services boosts advisor productivity with easy and integrated access to useful client information
Collaborate smoothly with your clients from any device and offer personalized solutions to meet their financial goals.

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