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Only accurate and quality data can ensure the best analysis and make your business grow. If your data is not cleaned and verified before use, it is as good as garbage. This means your data will be useless. Data verification is important for delivering accurate and reliable data, which is implemented in the salesforce platform for effective business transactions and lead generation.

Data verification is real-time, meaning, cleaning while incorporating to make it error-free. If your data is not verified timely, it can hurt your business and revenue. Invalid data can be hacked to invite spurious transactions, which can hurt your trade.

Kcloud Technologies offer an intelligent service for your business with its Data verification application
Kcloud technologies data verification fulfills the need for managing data by creating, updating, or editing it to make it accurate and deliverable. Kcloud helps in real-time verification and cleansing of emails, addresses, and phone numbers. This powerful tool will not only remove incorrect data from your database but also ensure the incorporation of valid data.
Kcloud Technologies Data Verification is a cloud computing, software as a service ( SAAS) application and is delivered by Certified Professionals.

Kcloud Data Verification Installations

You can perform the following actions with Kcloud

  • Email verification
  • Phone number verification
  • Address verification

All these three forms of applications are easy to use and do not require technical skills or depend on user capability at points of entry. These applications manage data effectively to get more out of Salesforce.

Why is data verified in real-time?

  • Removes hard bounces
  • Reduce spam complaints
  • Reduce transaction frauds
  • Improves mass verification of email, address and phone numbers (mobile or residential)
  • Create or edit records without disturbing end-user tasks
  • Makes data ready for analysis in Salesforce

How will the Kcloud data verification application help you?

  • Real-time data verification
  • User-friendly interface
  • Bulk verification of email, address, and phone numbers
  • The application works for an account, contact, and leads objects
  • The application works for any custom object for any standard field
  • Automatic verification of address search
  • Increase deliverability and reduces complaints
  • Re-verification to ensure accuracy and increase business productivity

Useful email verification to achieve business goals
The kcloud data verification application handles syntax errors in emails and performs readability checks to see whether the domain exists. You can edit, modify or change records with real-time email information. This application is user-friendly, as it does not affect end-user workflow.

Prevents hard bounce and ensures accuracy
Offers valid and deliverable email
Spam guard to filter out spurious or invalid emails
Extract unlimited business information from important clients
It helps to check whether the domain exists
Effective registration of user name at domain after email validation

Boost revenue with flawless phone number verification
Kcloud data verification application easily verifies phone numbers (mobile or residential) to ensure extraction of quality data from points of entry. This application not only verifies the accuracy of phone numbers but also designates time zone for convenient communication with customers.

Global phone number (mobile or residential) verification
Real-time phone number verification
Create or edit phone records without affecting user workflow
Bulk verification of phone numbers
Secures phone numbers by removing spurious numbers for fraud protection

Secure your business with Kcloud address verification
This application ensures the entry of accurate addresses in the database. Real-time address verification helps to improve business operations. Kcloud data verification scrubs down incomplete, wrongly spelled, and incorrect addresses and helps to identify correct addresses. The correct address data is then checked with the reference data of the country. If both the data match, it will pave way for improved data analysis in Salesforce

Mass verification of address
Installation of auto-complete address feature
Advanced address solution to optimize billing, taxation, or marketing
Minimum user input required
Improved data analysis with global address verification
Verified address tallied with a residential or commercial address for the salesforce application

Do not worry about user capability or incorrect data. Kcloud data verification application helps to enter data correctly and accurately without compromising on your salesforce investments.

Kcloud offers all three types of data verification with its easy-to-install certified applications. Salesforce implementation in business becomes effective with clean and improved email, address and phone data verification applications. The applications are easy to use and flawless and help you gain the most out of your Salesforce platform.

Kcloud data verification application guarantees accuracy, consistency, and security in information to make it deliverable.
Be a part of Kcloud data verification and achieve business goals.

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