Beat the Covid-19 Crisis and Upscale Business by Hiring Remote Developers

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Covid 19 pandemic has affected the global economy and IT industries across the world. Companies have restricted hiring, as people are encouraged to stay at home during the lockdown.

Many industries and sectors have witnessed a massive slowdown because of Covid 19. There has been a 10-15% decline in hiring in IT and Service Industries. The huge shortage of skilled employees has lead to manpower loss, reduced productivity and decreased revenues. 

How can companies make sure that their business runs smoothly with ready to work, skilled technical resources using the outsourcing strategy?

Staff Augmentation Can Be a Perfect Solution For You.

Kcloud technologies is a salesforce consulting company delivering high end IT services and solutions. We help organizations with technically skilled Salesforce experts as remote resources  to overcome the Covid 19 challenge. These dedicated Salesforce developers collaborate easily with your in house team and ensure a high level of productivity for your organization.

We provide highly skilled and experienced remote developers as Pardot and Marketing Cloud Salesforce CRM experts to our customers.

You will be highly benefitted with our remote resources with expertise in Pardot Cloud platform as there will be fast-paced and long term growth of business. Our Pardot experts will help you in improving marketing accountability and customize marketing automation with implementation of Pardot Cloud Services

Your business will experience a boost with our remote resources who are efficient in implementation of Marketing cloud platform. With our Marketing Cloud experts, you can effectively manage marketing campaigns and marketing relations with your customers and generate revenue for your business.

We also help you with our ready to deploy

  • Salesforce technical Architect with expertise in architecture
  • Salesforce Developers with expertise in Integration
  • Salesforce Solution Architect with expertise in Apex/ Visual force
  • Salesforce Business Analyst with expertise in salesforce lighting
  • Admins and/ or entire team with expertise in Corn App Development

We also assist in the following salesforce services

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • App exchange, app development consultant
  • Salesforce Pardot Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant

How can your business run smoothly with Staff Augmentation ?

  • Saving Cost

In the present scenario when the entire world is facing a lockdown, your organization may require additional resources having expertise in Salesforce development. In the present global crisis, all hiring activities are on hold owing to social distancing norms. Therefore, remote resourcing is the best option for your business to run smoothly.

Your infrastructure and operational costs will be much less with remote Salesforce developers as support. This will help your company acquire cost savings on the hiring front and the remote outsourcing staff can carry out the work efficiently. Your core business will grow and the organization will not suffer a setback due to manpower crisis.

  • Bridging gaps in existing teams

Your organization may require small amount of Salesforce developers for prolonged time. The present global crisis does not allow you to hire experts for your business needs. Staff Augmentation helps in filling gaps in your organization by providing  Salesforce assistance with additional remote resources. These employees have a high level of expertise and work according to the requirements of the organization. They provide support by building complex functionality, adding new systems and driving sustainability.

  • Experienced workers

Using Staff Augmentation your company will get access to work with remote Salesforce developers who are experienced, highly skilled and deliver projects on time. The remote Salesforce developers will not only deliver expertise in problem solving abilities but will also provide innovative inputs for your project.

  • Continuous workflow

When you work with skilled remote Salesforce developers, your business gets the necessary boost and generates revenue. Your workflow and productivity will be enhanced as the augmented workers work in coordination with your in-house staff. You might be working on a project when the Covid 19 crisis occurred, the remote resources will help your project attain deadlines without any obstacles.

  • Flexibility

 Staff Augmentation with remote developers will help your evolving project requirements. You can work with a single remote developer or an entire team according to your flexibility. This will help you achieve the necessary business goals. The remote Salesforce consultants will act as your virtual team and will work according to your time belt. Staff augmentation can help business of all sizes connect with their customer in an innovative way and ensure reliability even in difficult times.

  • Managing Augmented staff

You can manage and direct the remote developers as per your project requirements. Staff Augmentation using remote resources helps you with infrastructure support and retention of resources so that the business operations run smoothly and your project is secure.

Kcloud Technologies provides remote Salesforce Certified developers, analysts and architects for your organization seeking long term and short term support.

We, at Kcloud Staff Augmentation help you achieve your business goals in a variety of salesforce platform like Pardot cloud, Marketing cloud, sales cloud, service cloud and more. We complete work quickly and effectively to save clients’ money, gain efficiency and process improvements. Our remote salesforce developers have the ability to provide clients with solution and present data at the right place and at the right time.

Why choose Kcloud Staff Augmentation

  • We are the most trusted company providing expertise in Salesforce Certified developers who can solve your business problems with smart solutions
  • We are always committed to coordinate with your organization whenever necessary. You can contact us for your last minute requirements for remote Salesforce developers.
  • We provide the best Salesforce developer at the right time who will provide customized solutions for your business needs.
  • Our remote resources are available 24/7 to address your business requirements and work according to your time zone thus ensuring flexibility.
  • We pay attention to Specific needs and business requirements of an organization and provide the most suitable remote Salesforce candidate or team accordingly.
  • We provide long term and short-term support to organizations across the globe with our able team of remote developers thus helping business grow.

Overcome the Covid 19 outbreak and run your business operations as usual by hiring Kcloud Salesforce remote  developers.

Ensure Productivity, Stick to Your Goals.

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