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One thing, next to health which human-being worry about most in his/her whole life is finances. Financial prosperity without constant planning, strategies, or management is just impossible. And planning and managing finance be it personal, corporate or public is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here’s when Financial Services providers come into action. 

With so much importance attached to Financial Services, Salesforce does include this sector in its CRM. A platform “Salesforce Finance Services Cloud” is designed for financial service providers (be it bankers, advisors, and insurers) which leverages the standard functionality of sales cloud and service cloud while adding custom functionality designed for the industry. By facilitating customers to connect with their providers from anywhere, anytime, this cloud helps providers strengthen confidence and trust with their customers. It helps in amalgamating the customers’ experience which in turn helps financial service providers grow their business and intensify customer relationships.  

Salesforce Finance Services Cloud ” helps in digitalizing the whole process of the financial services industry which means fewer human factor risks while fulfilling personalized services that a customer expects. Now regardless of its sector, geography, channels, or line of business, (both consumer and commercial) retrieving real-time data, visualizing customer’s journeys and relationships, and meaningful perceptions at every stage of a customer’s life-cycle for this industry is made so easy using “Salesforce Finance Services Cloud”. 

Using this cloud bankers, advisors, or insurers can assess cases and financial goals, manage policies, and track documents effortlessly. It helps providers evaluate areas of opportunities and accordingly perform the action for investments, lending, mortgage, and insurance with the customer 360-platform.

In June 2021, Salesforce announced the new technology “Corporate and Investment Banking” in this cloud so that bankers can intensify and boost their relationships with clients, consolidate all deal interactions on one platform, and efficiently manage sensitive information like material non-public information. Not only this but with this new technology

  • Bankers can maximize efficiency and productivity by focusing on pipeline management and business development of new deals in a well-organized and compliant way and a 360-degree view of accounts, relationship mapping, and interaction history. 
  • Now bankers need not shuttle between different systems while researching accounts and preparing pitches given that data is now consolidated into a single console. With features like relationship maps and Einstein Relationship Insights, bankers can keep track of their client’s relationships including clients’ financials, and discover unpredicted relationships.
  • Features like planning client visits based on locations can help sales reps enhance sales and productivity.  
  • Communication between the team is made much easier using structured call reports 
  • With the compliance approval process, the security of sensitive information is maintained.

The various Financial Service verticals that can be benefited from “Salesforce Finance Services Cloud” are:

  • Wealth and Asset Management:
    • Automate householding which provides finer customers’ perception.
    • Helps in capturing and visualizing up-to-the-movement account information within and across clients, networks, and households. 
  • Banking and Lending:
    • The lending process can be automated and Banks can now adjust without any hitch to any change in regulations in mortgages etc.
    • Contextual actions can be taken based on the customer journey. 
    • In retail banking customer care services can be taken to a whole new level.
  • Insurance:
    • Can provide information like the next best offer, and coverage recommendations.
    • A single view of policyholders.
  • Capital Market:
    • Operationalize and streamline their procedures with dynamic workflow tools.
    • Helps in keeping data secure and compliant.

We at Kcloud Technologies have professionals who are genuine experts in this area. They with their deep knowledge and experience can help you make the most out of this cloud in Salesforce and help you take your business to unprecedented heights of success. 

Let’s have a closer insight at the ways we can make you and your business stand head and shoulder over the rest using various features provided by Salesforce Financial Service Cloud:

  • Provide effortless banking transactions using an easy, in-built control panel that can be manageable from any smart device at any place using the internet.
  • Provide centralized data management which in turn helps in improving services and thus leads to attracting new clients.   
  • Digitalization of the whole process is banking, insurance, capital marketing, or wealth and asset management. This means fewer human errors and more productivity.   
  • Provide constant access to up-to-date data which helps in expanding your business without increasing the number of employees and overloading your existing agents or brokers.
  • Provide a proactive and personalized experience to your clients.
  • Provide an investigative dashboard that helps providers plan their budgets and estimate prices. This will also give transparency to your client which the client always appreciates. 
  • Provide structured client reports that fasten the request processing.

For us at Kcloud Technologies, customers and their satisfaction is our utmost priority. We all know that Salesforce is a kingpin of CRMs. So we believe in serving our customers by helping them utilize all the best features that Salesforce provides in the most efficient way. We assure you of the best ever experience. Hope to serve you.  

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