Salesforce Vaccine Cloud – Mobilize, Manage, and Scale Vaccine Administration Seamlessly

Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

To help government agencies, healthcare organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions, Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, has introduced Vaccine Cloud.

By launching the Vaccine Cloud, Salesforce wants to streamline vaccine management while enabling governments and healthcare organizations to quickly scale vaccine operations, from recipient registration and scheduling to inventory management and public health outreach.

Bret Taylor, President, and COO of Salesforce stated that the biggest challenge which the world is facing right now is orchestrating the distribution of billions of vaccine doses. “Technology can play a critical role in ensuring it’s done efficiently, effectively, and equitably’, he added further. Bret further stated that Vaccine Cloud will support organizations through their recovery and help to protect people from the effects of COVID-19.

With the availability of safe and effective vaccines to counter COVID-19, every country, state, and city is rapidly establishing vaccination programs. However, there are several government agencies and healthcare organizations which don’t have the technology infrastructure in place to handle the complexity associated with rapid vaccination.

Inventory and logistics management, people registration for vaccination programs, scheduling, recipient outreach, and vaccine outcome monitoring are some common issues that governments and agencies are facing through their vaccination drives.

With the help of Vaccine Cloud, healthcare organizations and governments can streamline vaccination processes, such as inventory management, staff training, education, payment, and reimbursement. They can also handle all external communication to communities, such as a notification to schedule an initial shot or a reminder to come in for a second dose. Since Vaccine Cloud is built on Salesforce, it can help in the management of millions of patients across hundreds of sites and care locations easily.

Vaccine Cloud will assist government and public health agencies in monitoring vaccination progress with data and insights while enabling them to maximize their program effectiveness.

Leveraging the integration capabilities of Vaccine Cloud, agencies can easily bring data from all relevant systems to one place for easy management and tracking.

Vaccine Cloud will simplify the registration and appointment scheduling process. It can help in communication such as follow-up outcomes for monitoring purposes and a reminder to come in for their second shot if needed.

People can easily share their vaccination or health status with the help of Vaccine Cloud. Salesforce Implementation Partners are working hard to help organizations accelerate their vaccine management programs by extending the capabilities of Vaccine Cloud.

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