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How well do you manage your business? The answer to this question is aptly in another question which is how well you manage your customers. Most businesses begin with spreadsheets when it comes to the management of customer contacts, requirements, etc. However, it is a wonderful idea to work with but there are a lot of details that require major attention are left out. Small enterprises may sometimes work well with this system but for other growing medium and large enterprises, it is not a very good choice. Customer Relationship Management requires a number of tasks to be handled quickly and on a regular basis. Hence, the development of CRM software has made business easy to manage, plan, analyze, and predict. CRM refers to the interaction with customers and potential customers and staying connected with them to streamline business processes and improve profitability. Customer Relationship Management includes tools such as storage of contact information, identifying sales opportunities, record, and service issues, and managing marketing campaigns. Therefore, what would any CRM software aim for? Managing the interactions with customers, mining them for a further broad audience data, and accordingly organizing them to work in collaboration with the organizations’ sales system. This is exactly the kind of mission any CRM software is working on the go.

Why CRM?

It records every detail of your customer by default without any specific command to keep it in stored files like your customers’ contact information. It also remembers the details of your relationship and every interaction whether it is made by a phone call or an email, and nowadays across other channels such as social media or even your customer helpdesk. This information collected by the CRM Software is the hive of opportunities that lets you identify prospects for up or cross-sell, transform the existing customers to new products or services, target new marketing, or even track the invoices generated.

Choosing the right CRM for your business enterprise can give you all these benefits and make your business processes work efficiently and precisely. The choice of CRM may differ with the standards and requirements of the business enterprises, therefore it becomes important to analyze and make the right choice while choosing a CRM software as it will further determine the efficiency of your relationship with the customers and in the long run the success of your business enterprise.

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Features to Look for in CRM Software

  • Ease of use: It is important for CRM software to be intuitive. It shall take a minimum number of clicks to get a task done and should be efficiently able to minimize user error. The ease of use is majorly decided by the ease of finding the feature to be used in the minimum possible time and effort.
  • Price and Add-ons: Integration costs, per-user pricing inclusion features, etc. are important to consider while looking through the price of the software package.
  • Social Features: Customer Relation Management software is expected to provide email, mobile, and social media access, and integration. The key to choosing the best CRM software for small businesses is not to get distracted by the features you are never going to use. Choose a CRM software that automatically integrates email and social media contacts and stores them for future assistance.
  • Third-party integrations: It is very important that the CRM software you choose is compatible to integrate your current marketing software for tasks such as email etc. It saves both effort and time.
  • Marketing Automation: Marketing automation is a popular term that refers to the software’s ability to remind sales and marketing teams and representatives to follow up with customers at the right time. It is important to look for this automation as all the CRM software doesn’t offer it.
  • Analytics: When you have finally been able to manage your leads and close the deals, it is important to analyze how successfully the plan is moving with respect to the target sales. Consider the CRM tools list that determines how the employees are performing and exactly what category of customers are responding and to what extent.
  • Security: Customer data is enormously valuable. Now that customers are very reluctant to part with it. Securing it isn’t just about maintaining privacy but also protecting profitable relationships with customers.


Salesforce CRM software serves the best with all of the above features that are customizable and best suited for all types of business enterprises whether small, medium, or large. It is conveniently customizable and scalable with the requirement and size of the organization. This is the major reason why it is dominating the market of CRM software. Best CRM software in 2018 overall is Salesforce CRM. It is the world’s no. 1 CRM platform that works on cloud technology and is very powerful in customizing and managing business enterprises. Salesforce has been in business for about 20 years now. It has the bulk of the market share when it comes to sales applications, marketing applications, and other customer service applications. KCloud Technologies has been a Salesforce partner for a long time now. It offers both development and administration on the Salesforce CRM platform. The company also provides training and certifications for Salesforce Cloud services.

Salesforce CRM software is fit for all types of business enterprises whether big or small. Choosing the right level of software package can help your business process to simplify and be automated and well managed. It enables you to maintain good customer relations. The different levels of the CRM suite of Salesforce are as follows:

  • Lightning Essentials: The entry-level Salesforce CRM, Lightning Essentials, is only suitable for small businesses. It only provides support for up to five users at a time so an upgrade to another level is required if your business is growing.
  • Lightning Professional: Organizations that require support for more than five users may upgrade to the next available Salesforce tier. Functionality-wise, Lightning Professional includes most of the features of Essentials (with the exceptions of Einstein Activity capture and inbox mobile app) plus more in-depth lead management and marketing tools, like the ability to mass email and manage campaigns.
  • Lightning Enterprise: The most popular Salesforce CRM tier provides extensive customization options for businesses with highly specific needs. This CRM edition offers users full access to all of Salesforce’s package-inclusive features.
  • Lightning Unlimited: Ideal for highly tech-oriented businesses with extensive development requirements. Lightning Unlimited grants users access to Premier Success Resources, 24/7 toll-free support, developer support, unlimited online training, configuration services, and access to accelerators.

Choose the best-suited Salesforce CRM suite and enjoy the benefits of having the overall Best CRM software for 2018.

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