Salesforce Service Cloud Reviews: Overview, Features, Training

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Salesforce is a CRM software built with on Cloud computing technology that uses the online storage system for eliminating the issue of storage capacity. The customer in today’s scenario wants speed. The faster the better, and in the case of service and support speed and relevancy are the two most crucial things. Salesforce Service Cloud Lightning empowers the agents by providing them a complete set of productivity tools to deliver faster, smarter, and in more personalized customer service for every customer anytime, anywhere. With the service cloud, it becomes easier to deal with all the customers in real-time from any part of the world. It is perfectly workable in both B2B and B2C contexts.

What does Salesforce Service Cloud do?

Salesforce Service Cloud is a tool that allows its users to engage and interact with their customers using different known business channels and avenues, be it through any video or even social media. It is a very particular tool that helps in managing businesses by taking care of customer cases and other issues from a single, unified interface, which is easily accessible through any laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. Customers can also enjoy the benefits of Salesforce 1 Service Cloud as they can tap into the system’s knowledge base and get in touch with other members of the communities as they look for solutions for their issues. With this kind of setup, Salesforce Service Cloud becomes a platform that increases customer loyalty and improves customer retention.

The Service Cloud is a Customer Relation Management platform built on Salesforce for the service and support of its customers. The service console is the heart of the Salesforce service cloud. It the kind of information desk where you can have the view of cases of all your customers received by various platforms, as emails, phone calls, text messages, and social media updates including tweets, comments etc.

The service cloud considers all of the cases received via these platforms, analyze them, and re directs to the appropriate agents automatically. It automates all the processes related to support and service, streamlines the workflow, and finds accurate data, statistics, articles, topics and experts related to the customer cases for providing support to the agent.

No matter from where the case arrives, it can be quickly responded to through the service console. Proper timed notifications are given to the service teams so that there is no any missed responses or service agreements.

Service Cloud acts as a knowledge base too. It can find relevant articles, topics, and data for the cases and queries of the customers and it also helps the customer find their answers through the self-service community. With the release of each Salesforce, you get the latest technologies for your support team for the future automatically, like artificial intelligence (AI) for the predictive service.

Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

The services provided by this Salesforce product are totally personalized which makes customers feel prioritized. This Service cloud is very efficient in predicting the issues and providing better solutions and preventive measures for the same. Salesforce service cloud features are quite extensive and offer a whole package of personalized business services and support. The various features of the Salesforce CRM service cloud are as follows in the Salesforce features list.

  • Goals, coaching, and rewards for teams
  • Dynamic Knowledge base
  • Live Agent Web Chat
  • Contract & Entitlement Management
  • Workflow & Approval Automation
  • Agent & Team Collaboration
  • Social Integration
  • Web & Email Case Capture
  • APIs
  • Case Management (Auto-assignment, rules & queues)
  • CTI Integration
  • Asset Management & Product Tracking
  • Role Permissions
  • Customizable Reporting & Analytics
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Customizable Agent Console
  • Mobile
  • Self-Service Community

You can transform your service by starting now. KCloud technologies have been providing training for the Salesforce service cloud development and administration. The different courses and certifications are offered by the company. Some of these are as follows:

  • Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification
  • Service Cloud Administration
  • Service Cloud Essentials for Agents
  • Service Cloud Essentials for Managers

The training courses provided by KCloud Infotech are well planned and strategized. The training includes

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Case Management
  • Solution Design
  • Interaction Channels
  • Knowledge Management
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Contact Center Analytics
  • Integration and Data Management

The Salesforce training provided by KCloud Technologies gives you certain add-ons and benefits such as you would be trained by an expert on Salesforce and all the well trained professionals where you would be prepared for the Salesforce certification too. In the Salesforce training provided by KCloud technologies, relevant study materials are also provided according to the courses you sign up for.

Salesforce CRM Platform is considered the world’s best CRM platform built on cloud technology. Salesforce Service Cloud developed and integrated by KCloud technologies is creating an impression. The very important and majorly talked and appreciated aspects of this Salesforce service cloud are

  • Maximized Agent Productivity with easy management options.
  • Transformed customer experience and enhanced customer loyalty, satisfaction and customer retention.
  • Safe and secure platform
  • Interaction with customers through Social Media platforms
  • Case tracking that enables faster case resolution.

You can also get enhanced experience and better growth of your organization by choosing the right service cloud package for your business. KCloud technologies have been delivering its Salesforce service Cloud product to all the small, medium and big enterprises and taking them to achieve new heights in their niche businesses. You can be the next.

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