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salesforce marketing cloud

With the advent of growth in the business sector, sales, and marketing have become the most important pillars of any kind of organization. With the enormous business growth, it is difficult to manage the activities manually or personally, and therefore automation in marketing came into existence. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a perfect working example of this Marketing Automation. With marketing automation, the processes of a business are easier to perform with negligible chances of errors. It has effectively helped in managing the marketing campaigns after the analysis of customers and developing customized campaigning. It has also changed the system and filled it with efficiency and accuracy by doing appropriate customer data organization and keeping them saved in appropriate storage files. It also performs the crucial task of moving the contacts from leads to customers.

What is Marketing Automation?

In the most basic way, it is known to be a software platform used by marketers for the planning, coordination, management, and measurement of all their marketing campaigns by them. These marketing campaigns can be either online or offline. This Salesforce Marketing Cloud automation streamlines the sales and marketing processes and replaces the high-touch, repetitive manual processes with better automated solutions than before.

What is Marketing Cloud or Cloud Marketing?

It refers to the processes an organization carries out to make efforts for marketing the goods and services provided by them. Cloud marketing is done online through integrated digital experiences. The key advantages introduced in the field of business through Cloud Marketing are:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Cloud marketing reduces the cost of paper printing, circulars, catalogs, magazines, etc., and replaces these with digital formats.
  • Customization: It introduces creative ways to interact with customers with specific and relevant data, techniques, and schemes.
  • Time: Cloud marketing enables an advertisement to be displayed when required. Therefore, the issue of posters and banners being invalid during product or service off-season is not a problem with marketers anymore.

Although it also includes a few disadvantages along with exciting advantages for the growth of the business. It introduces many fraudulent materials that multiply and reach over a billion population with the rapid speed of digital platforms. The user experience is not physical so in many cases, it creates doubts among the customers over the quality of the product. The digital divide is the one main disadvantage of Cloud marketing. It is the partition between a given population within their use of information technology. The factors affecting the digital divide are Geography, culture, economic growth, democracy, and disabilities.

An Introduction to SalesForce Marketing Cloud in Kcloud Technologies

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a provider of digital marketing automation and analytics software and services. Salesforce is a CRM platform that uses cloud technology for providing different cloud services. Kcloud technologies have been working on the world’s no.1 CRM platform, Salesforce for quite a long time now. It holds its expertise in both development of Salesforce platform services and the administration and implementation of Salesforce Cloud services. Kcloud Technologies use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to develop marketing automation and analytics software for email, mobile platforms, social media, and other online digital platforms.

Perks of Using SalesForce Marketing Cloud

  • Operation with Ease: The SalesForce Marketing Cloud service developed by Kcloud Technologies is extremely easy to use. The features that make it operational and user-friendly are pre-built templates, streamlined messaging flows, and mobile apps to easily create and execute cross-channel campaigns.
  • Smart Marketing with AI: It uses Artificial intelligence to analyze the business activities, analyze the customer activity and predict the most likely customers and streamline the process of converting leads into customers.
  • Manage B2C or B2B: B2B and B2C businesses have very different requirements. These both can be managed by a single platform of Salesforce CRM platform Marketing Cloud.
  • Consumer-Centric: The marketing Cloud developed by KCloud technologies by working on the Salesforce CRM platform builds one, comprehensive view of each consumer to power 1-to-1 journeys.
  • Connection with every interaction: Every touch point can be integrated with the brand across different platforms of sales, service and support, commerce, and apps.

Products of SalesForce Marketing Cloud

Kcloud Technologies have expertise in developing the software on the Salesforce CRM platform along with administration, Consultation services, and Marketing automation Salesforce integration. The different customized products of SalesForce Marketing Cloud are as follows:

  • Journey Builder: This works by understanding your customers with comprehensive data that is majorly based on attributes, browsing behaviors, and purchase history to build personalized messaging. It visualizes your journey and connects it with every department. It delivers the best user experience by accommodating millions of customers with customization.
  • Email Studio: It builds up customized email campaigns on the world’s no. 1 email marketing platform. It works by targeting the audience and building the best mail and then automating the messages.
  • Salesforce DMP: This product builds the best experience across all channels by gathering data from any of the sources accessible. It creates complete data profiles and discovers insights for organizations to make smart decisions.
  • SalesForce Data Studio: It gives you control of your data in a more efficient manner that leads to an increase in the revenue of data owners.
  • Social Studio: It helps in connecting with customers and getting more leads by channeling the services across social media platforms.
  • Advertising Studio: By harnessing the customer data, Advertising Studio connects all the channels through 1-to-1 advertising and generates more leads.
  • Mobile Studio: It helps you grow the audience by generating mobile messages, personalizing them, and driving app engagement.
  • Interaction Studio: Immediate impact is delivered through cross-channel consumer insight and optimizing the experience by connecting every interaction.
  • Pardot: Salesforce Pardot automates B2B marketing, generates more leads, and calculates the marketing ROI.

Kcloud Technologies also provide Salesforce marketing cloud training along with Salesforce development services to its customers. Salesforce success stories of Kcloud infotech are growing by the day and we have many satisfied customers. The Salesforce marketing Automation has allowed exponential growth in the field of sales and marketing. The KCloud Salesforce Marketing Cloud plan strategy includes establishing the goals, developing the method to post the material online, maintenance by regular updates, and evaluation of marketing material to determine the success of the end user. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has changed the scenarios of the business and has led to better and growing sales and marketing in organizations. Transform your business style and grow with Salesforce Marketing Cloud developed by Kcloud technologies.

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