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KCloud Technologies provides Salesforce development, administration, and consulting services to businesses looking to enhance their productivity through customized cloud services. Salesforce is the leading CRM platform used for managing sales and marketing businesses, operating on a cloud system that eliminates the need for hardware and software components.

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The Salesforce Lightning Framework is a modern framework that facilitates the development of dynamic web applications for mobiles and desktops, with KCloud Technologies using the latest updates to develop even more customized apps on the Salesforce platform. The new updates to Lightning allow for more personalized app development, including the ability to choose specific themes and colors that reflect a brand’s identity and spread awareness. Customers can also control the displaying time and moment of a certain lightning page by using certain filters. Additionally, the update fixes an existing bug and improves component encapsulation by no longer supporting the Style tag in the lightning component update.

Lightning Framework

Salesforce is a CRM platform that has revolutionized the sales and marketing industry by providing cloud-based services that eliminate the need for hardware and software components. The Lightning Framework, one of Salesforce’s most popular products, is a modern framework that allows for the development of dynamic web applications for both desktop and mobile devices. This technology is specially designed to create single-page applications that are engineered for growth.

Recently, Salesforce has rolled out new updates to its Lightning Framework, further enhancing its customization capabilities. These updates offer more options for customization, enabling customers to tailor their apps to reflect their brand by selecting specific themes and colors. By doing so, businesses can spread brand awareness and create a more personalized experience for their users.

Moreover, customers can use certain filters to control the display time and moment of a specific Lightning page, providing a more seamless and efficient user experience. This added flexibility enables businesses to create more customized and personalized experiences for their customers, which can ultimately drive customer loyalty and repeat business.


Another significant benefit of the Lightning updates is that they fix existing bugs in the framework, ensuring that it works exactly the way businesses want it to. The new update also removes the support for the Style tag in the lightning component, which enhances component encapsulation and ensures better performance.

With these new updates, the developers at KCloud Technologies are ready to use the Lightning Framework to develop more customized apps on the Salesforce CRM platform. This will help their clients enhance productivity and provide better customer experiences, ultimately leading to greater success and growth for their businesses.

In conclusion, the Lightning Platform updates have enhanced the customization tools of Salesforce, providing businesses with more options to personalize their apps and create a better user experience. With the help of KCloud Technologies, businesses can take advantage of these updates to develop more customized apps on the Salesforce CRM platform, ultimately driving greater success and growth for their organizations.

The two most critical updates to the lightning framework are:

1) Lightning controllers now work in sharing mode even if we do not define anything at the apex controller header level. It may sound weird, but yes it’s happening now.

2) Till now, the lightning apps that were using <lightning: container> will cease to have access to the REST APIs from inside of the iframe but the apps can still access organization data through Apex remoting calls.

Salesforce has also introduced a few interfacing updates to make the apps more customized and better looking. These update enables a certain component to be used in the flow screen and used as a custom lightning page template for a pre-chat page.

KCloud technologies work on the Salesforce platform to make avail satisfactory cloud services to its customers. The lightning framework updates by Salesforce enable the developers of KCloud Technologies to build more customized lightning apps for a better user experience. The lighting components have been added with the automation tools of Salesforce that enable the customers to create a visually guided process that walks an end user through an amazing app experience. This Lightning Framework update rolled out by Salesforce would be the new working area of the KCloud technologies for implementing all the updates on the Salesforce platform to create customized apps on the existing platform.

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