Ultimate Guide to Ensure Salesforce CPQ Implementation Success

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Companies that have complex product and pricing combos, leverage CPQ software to deliver customized quotes to their customers. CPQ software enables sales reps to quote prices quickly and accurately if implemented correctly. If you are keen to adopt Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) software to enhance business opportunities, then you’re surely making the correct choice.

Statistics suggest that the Salesforce CPQ platform enables 36% faster quote generation and results in 27% fewer invoicing errors. However, implementing Salesforce CPQ can be tricky, if you don’t have experience with the platform. Based on our experience, we’ve created guidelines to ensure CPQ implementation success.

Before initiating Salesforce CPQ Implementation, you need to do the following

Establish Overall Objectives

Understand your Sales process needs and set up measurable goals for your CPQ. Some of the KPIs, you need to consider include a reduction in time spent on selling, a decrease in quotation turnaround time, an average increase in order value, the accuracy of quotes generated, and an increase in win rates and renewal rates.

Optimize the Quote to Cash (QTC) process

Implementation of the Salesforce CPQ helps you fix existing QTC process challenges (if any). You can define, optimize and document the most efficient quote generation and approval process. You can define rules to ensure that your salespersons are automatically shown the best product-specific deals to offer prospective clients.

Prioritize CPQ features

Since Salesforce CPQ is a very complex tool with multiple features, you need to prioritize your sales goals based on how essential they are to your business. You can implement an Advanced Approval feature that automates cross-functional approval chains to improve the speed of the approval process. You can also use other features such as a product catalog, price book, product bundles, order management, and guided selling.

System Integration & data update

CPQ runs on data sourced from different systems. So, you need to identify what data is needed for the CPQ process and where it should be sourced from. It is recommended to clean up data before CPQ implementation for accuracy and consistency.

Run Change Management Initiative

There may be resistance to changes in the workflow. Thus, you need a well-detailed change management plan.

Salesforce CPQ Implementation – How to get it right

For CPQ implementation, you need to have access to the CPQ package to the developer login. For this,

  • You can purchase a CPQ login from the Salesforce team and ask them to integrate it into your developer login.
  • You can download the appropriate package for installation and download and integrate it for our desired user login.
Salesforce CPQ – 1 1

Step to Integrate Salesforce CPQ to Developer Login

Once you create Salesforce Developer Account, you need to use the given below link to download the Salesforce package:


The downloaded package can be installed either in Production or SandBox. Permit the users and install Salesforce CPQ with required customizations. Wait for 20-30 minutes to complete the installation process.

Configuration settings for Salesforce CPQ to the Developer login

Once the CPQ package is installed, you need to review the objects and features. Few things and fields are default and standard for CPQ layout. These objects and fields are used to develop the configuration, pricing & quotes of the products.

Configure CPQ Page Layout to Profile

CPQ Page Layout must be assigned to a profile. For instance, System Admin Profile. For this,

Log in to Salesforce- >Setup-> Locate “Profiles” in the Quick Find Search box-> Select “System Administrator”- >Edit->Page Layout->Account-> Click View Assignment->Edit Assignment->Select “CPQ Opportunity Layout”->Save.

Add Users to the Salesforce CPQ Package Installed

Login to the Salesforce → Go to “Setup” → In the Quick Find Search For “Installed Packages” → Click on “Manage Licenses” → Click on “Add Users” → Select the required Users From the “Available Users” Section → Add. 

cpq users report a faster sales quote process 001

How can we help you?

If you want to decrease errors in price quotes and also want to ensure customers get accurate branded proposals, then you should feel free to contact Kcloud Technologies. We harbor a team of seasoned Salesforce CPQ Experts who can help in designing and implementing of quote-to-cash CRM platform that works smoothly for your business.

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