Ventas SMS and CPQ solutions


Want to go upmarket? Ventas SMS and CPQ solutions can assist you in achieving the same. 

Ventas SMS and CPQ solutions make it as easy as texting on your phone, integrate seamlessly with campaigns, contacts, and leads, and also help in the enhancement of the Salesforce CPQ capabilities with just point-and-click features. It is built with components for Sales & Service Cloud, Console, Lightning, & Salesforce mobile App.

Our USP:

  • We customize the product as per customers’ requirements and industry.
  • The price that suits all pockets
  • We strive for unparalleled quality.

To understand it, let’s first know what CPQ is. 

What is CPQ?

CPQ is a sales tool to provide precise and faster pricing for any given product configuration scenario and is used to provide remarkable positive results in time, deal size, quote accuracy, and sales processes of various industries. It makes work easier for all the departments: Sales, HR, Finance, Operations, etc. CPQ stands for


In business, we all know that the customer is the king, and to boost the business one needs to make the king happy. Gone are the days when companies just provided standard products and customers had to buy out of the available options. These days customers want to tailor the products as per their needs, or sometimes companies need to customize the product based on their analysis of the market.  This is referred to as configure.


Pricing is the most sensitive and pivotal aspect of the business. It is related to deciding the amount at which a company will provide the product to the customer. At times winning a deal or losing it depends on the pricing. So, one needs to be very careful with it. Quote: Once pricing is worked on by the sales rep, it’s time to convey that to customers through quotes. Those broken-down costs need to be very clear and easy for customers to understand and at the same time need to have a professional look.

How is the CPQ tool useful?

In Configure: The tool helps the sales rep in analyzing what the customer wants and personalizes the product list by using various features and automation available in the CPQ tool. Without this, the task for sales reps would have been very tedious and time-consuming.

Pricing: The CPQ tool helps you to render the right pricing model to the client based on the customized configuration already done. This revolutionary technology helps the company to simplify the complex process and avoid the confusion that might occur during the process. Without this, the chances of error can be very high.  

Quote: This streamlined system helps companies provide their customers with a quote in a clean and efficient way. It helps in automatically generating customized quotes and handing these quotes to the customers in a user-friendly way. This can help in making changes at the last minute without any hassle which would not be difficult without this tool.

Overall, we can say that CPQ helps sales reps in handling various obstacles faced during various stages (configuration, pricing, and quotation) of the sales process. The tool removes human errors, speeds up production, and maximizes profit by using a combination of guided selling, quote management, and automation.

Ventas SMS and CPQ solutions:

Kcloud Technologies acknowledged that CPQ is useful for all business types. At the same time, we understand very well that SMS communication boosts the business by helping in building quality relationships and increasing operational efficiencies. We comprehend that by conjoining SMS features and the CPQ tool ( that is to send and receive text message communication to handle Configure, Price, and Quote directly within Salesforce) one can enhance the performance of the business. So, we pieced together CPQ and SMS tools and came up with Ventas SMS and CPQ solutions

The product is flexible. One can go for a CPQ solution or SMS solution or emulate it as one. The product can be customized according to the needs of the client. On top of it, there is no additional system requirement for it. Anyone with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance Salesforce Edition can get it.

Features CPQ solution of Ventas SMS and CPQ solution offers:

  1. We can configure the products 
  2. We can add Pricing methods for the products
  3. We can add those products to the quotes 
  4. We can create orders 
  5. We can create contracts for those orders
  6. We can create subscriptions and assets for the products  
  7. We can amend the contracts 
  8. We can add discount schedules for the products 

Features SMS solution of Ventas SMS and CPQ solution offers:

  1. Send mass/ bulk SMS
  2. Can schedule SMS sending
  3. Integrate with Salesforce to get contacts
  4. Can view SMS history (details of past sent or received messages)
  5. SMS Templates
  6. Senders detail page
  7. SMS scheduled queue
  8. Can view the conversation with the contact
  9. Can not only send by receive SMS 
  10. Can have one to one SMS facility

The benefit of Ventas SMS and CPQ solution:

SMS Solution:

  • Helps in improving overall business communication, no matter what industry your business falls in. It permits real-time communication with customers, clients, or employees.
  • Helps in strengthening relationships with customers and is used for many means of communication, including reminders, alerts, notifications, and more. 
  • It is versatile and can be implemented for almost all types of industries.
  • Reduces human inefficiency.
  • Provides a faster mode of communication.
  • Can be connected to your existing system.
  • Helps in reducing the cost of communication as SMS provides cost-wise cheaper means of communication.
  • Provides a better response rate as compared to other modes of communication.
  • Helps in saving time as this solution gives you the ability to automate some specific types of messages.   
  • Can be used for various tasks like :
    • Internal communication
    • Customer service communication
    • Marketing
    • Order and delivery communication
    • Send reminders
    • Emergency alerts 

CPQ solutions

  • Makes the sales process faster and less error-prone.
  • An automated Sales Playbook and a series of question sequences and references help sales reps right on target.
  • Streamlines the process of configuration, pricing, and quotations.
  • Ensures that it follows internal rules and policies.
  • Helps in increasing revenues as it helps in saving sales margin.

By now, you must be well familiar with Ventas SMS and CPQ solutions

So, what are you waiting for? 

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