Benefits of moving to Salesforce Lightning


Benefits of moving to Salesforce Lightning
Salesforce Lightning develops dynamic web applications for both mobiles and desktops. This framework helps you in developing a single page applications that are specially engineered for growth. Salesforce Lightning Framework is a component framework and moving from traditional framework to a component framework is beneficial for the developers and the quality of application built.

Why the Lightning Framework?
The Salesforce Lightning experience is a game changer.
• This framework componentizes the app providing it a functionality that is reusable.
• It helps the developers in being more productive and creative without having the workload and responsibility on a single mind.
• The development tools in this new upgrade are very efficient in increasing the work productivity.
• It is also providing a better and responsive interface that is very well suited for the mobile phones. Therefore, working away from office is not a painful task if you are moving to the Salesforce Lightning.

Other benefits of Salesforce Lightning are mentioned as follows:

Designed for easy usage
The smart, modern and efficient interface makes the works easy as well as its usage too. Relevant information is surfaced for each screen, streamlining processes and making workflows more intuitive.
Customizable Homepage
The user can make the homepage according to his own needs to make the task easier. It makes you more efficient by displaying the information you need the most.
Truly Mobile First
The normal desktop version makes the work more stagnant and messy. While this new upgrade of Salesforce enables you to work from your mobile phone with a perfectly interactive interface. You can sort your tasks from anywhere at any time.
Retains the 3 essentials
With all the new interactive and enhanced interface, the best part is that the essentials of the system are thoroughly retained.
These three essentials are:
• Data, the most valuable thing an organization owns
• Security, such as role hierarchy and organization-wide defaults
• Business logic, such as workflow and validation rules
Smart and fast Sales
It comes with Sales Path. This is a feature that lets you define the key stages in the buyer’s journey. You can set it up to highlight the important fields in each stage of the sales process that the reps must complete. This makes it much easier than before.
Salesforce Lightning focuses on the higher quality leads and works accordingly. It keeps a track record of all the Sales enabling the user to save time and work on the strategies rather than doing the data collection and management. It brings the automation in the system which in turn brings more efficient sales and better leads.

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