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Salesforce is the one you rely on when it comes to steadfast and eminent cloud computing services. Salesforce Health Cloud is the fast-emerging and highly demanding cloud at the moment. Health Cloud by Salesforce is a cloud-based healthcare CRM and patient management solution that enables collaboration between healthcare providers, payers, and patients. The software is built on Salesforce CRM’s platform and is specifically designed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.
Health care typically supports one-to-one relationships through a patient profile which integrates information from multiple sources including Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and other medical devices. Health cloud is one of the increasing platforms which is preferred by industries to support a more reliable and engaged patient base. The primary focus of the health cloud is to create stronger relationships between patients, providers, and hospital administration.

Health Cloud Overview:

 Health Cloud now includes Lightning Components that provide patient and care team members, the ability to pick care plans, view the related care teams, and track their task assignments.
 Quickly customizable components that work in communities, Lightning record pages, and Lightning applications.
 Now easier for organizations to build community portals to engage their patients, community clinics and caregivers, and employees.
 Built on the community cloud which offers a web-responsive experience on mobile devices compared to native mobile applications causes limitations in being able to send alerts.

• Create rich, contextual patient profiles.
• Access collaborative care network and health timelines.
• Integrate patient data from the Electronic Health Record(EHR)
• Incorporate third-party data from multiple medical devices.
• Prioritize tasks according to their patient’s needs.
• Segment and manage patient populations.
• Map personal and professional caregiver networks.
• Collaborate seamlessly with care teams and patients.
• Assign tasks to caregiver networks.
• Share secure messages to any devices.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM in Healthcare Cloud:

1. Electronic Records – It is very easy to archive and use patient records and medical images. This improves access, increases storage capacity, and boosts security.
2. The Streamlined Collaboration-One strong advantage that the cloud offers is through mobile devices; healthcare-specific applications are accessible at lightning speed and provide better communication even from the distance.
3. Saving on Data Storage- The health cloud provides in-house storage needs and enables providers to save money since big data is always a challenge for many healthcare organizations.
4. Accessing high-powered analytics- The real-time computations and tracking of cloud data to the providers can help with medical research and more personalized care.
5. Advanced clinical research- The health cloud offers data solutions to superpower the research process. The advanced research techniques are very complicated for small computers to manage, but it is not the same case as the health cloud. It becomes easier to research new drugs, new methods, and interesting possibilities.
6. Coordinated work-The Salesforce delivers collaborative care for prevention and wellness. This collaborative management of patient data from various departments helps in delivering effective patient care.
7. Enhance Quality- Salesforce achieves better quality and outcomes concerning the management of the healthcare infrastructure system. It provides advanced analytics of patient data thereby enabling more efficient diagnosis.
8. Improve Operational Effectiveness-The Salesforce brings many cost benefits through its healthcare cloud services. It brings flexibility in operations to support cost reduction and excels in both clinical and business performance.
9. Archival of Records- The Salesforce cloud services make it easier to archive and store patient records and use them on a when-required basis. This helps in increasing storage capacity and enhances the security systems.

The Salesforce Healthcare cloud will make sure the above-mentioned aspects are covered in the strategic planning process of Healthcare systems. Thanks to the cloud and its advanced technologies, providing virtual healthcare services has become reality. Health care is evolving on unlocking the true benefits of cloud services without compromising on quality. Healthcare is moving to a digital platform and focusing more on patients. It is also equally important for healthcare consumers must understand the benefits that healthcare cloud services offer and set their expectations aligning with the common standards in the industry. Irrespective of the expectations, Salesforce is sure to meet its requirements with the best quality and achieve high customer satisfaction in the healthcare industry.

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