Automate sales process using CPQ- Leverage your quote to cash with Salesforce.


Is your company’s entire sales process starting from generating leads to closing deals become a never-ending ordeal, costing you money and time?

A quick look into the pain points that your sales representatives are facing with the traditional quoting process. 

  • Making a list of suitable products for customers and configuring them according to requirements.
  • Prepare a base price of the products by going through spreadsheets. It is not possible to remember each product your company is selling.
  • Analyze and apply the discount that your client is eligible for without making errors.
  • There is a time-consuming review period if the discount is larger.
  • Create a final quote, which is sent to the customer. It is a painstaking process in B2B companies where several sales activities take place at the same time.

Deliver better revenue models by selling faster and making more money with a cloud-based platform. Aid your sales team to make the best business decisions with Salesforce CPQ.

Role of CPQ in business transformation

CPQ -Configure, Price, Quote.

It helps companies sell more products faster by automating the entire quote to cash process.

Configure- CPQ tools helps to enlist and format products and services best needed for a company based on the client requirements.

Price- The prices of the products or services of the company are incorporated into the CRM platform. This ensures faster and error-free pricing. Discounts are assigned automatically thus cutting down the review period.

Quote- Based on the pricing and discount of the product, CPQ tool automatically creates the quote and mails it to the customer. This reduces time constraints and improves sales.

Get rid of legacy quote generations with innovative and automated Kcloud CPQ software.

Kcloud techologies has added the sales tool CPQ in its salesforce platform to ensure positive outcomes in business. 

How will Kcloud CPQ solutions accelerate your business dealings and create recurring sales?

Minimizes time wastage  

Reduce unnecessary sales activities with a streamlined sales process. Sales representatives can deliver quotes quickly and efficiently over mobiles with CPQ integrated into CRM. With readily available client information, the sales team can offer different pricing options without wasting time to become a trusted supplier.

Better deals with customized applications

Your clients might be facing problems regarding the products your company is selling. A customized CPQ application will help in implementation of effective solutions. Make a note of the conversations with your clients and focus on the challenges. Address your customer concerns with the product specifications, which are incorporated directly into the CPQ. Offer specialized deals to customers. Minimize discounting and ensure up selling or cross selling of products.

Speeds up the quoting process

With CPQ solutions your sales representatives need not focus on configuring quotes. They can deliver accurate quotes with increased workflow based approvals. Improved quote delivery help organizations protect deals from being stalled with faster selling process.

Drives revenue by integrating CPQ with CRM

Optimize your company’s CRM functionality by adding CPQ software. Streamline erroneous and time consuming sales processes to land bigger deals in business. CPQ helps in revenue increase and augment quote to cash process by addressing customer problems with customized and directed sales quotes.

Automates renewal opportunities

Salesforce CPQ ensures seamless renewal of subscription products and close deals faster. Updated pricing and amendments create faster renewal opportunities from existing contracts and makes it ready for customer signature.

Gift your sales team Kcloud Salesforce CPQ solutions to set record selling time and drive excellent return of investment.

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