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Trusted Insurance CRM Solutions to Engage Policyholders

Insurance is one of the fastest growing industries today promoting economic growth and sustainable development.  The new age insurance companies face stiff competition from their counterparts resulting in reduced output and cutback on revenue.

To survive competition, insurers are focusing on innovative ways of customer engagement using cloud technology. The financial services cloud helps insurers get a 360-degree view of their policyholders and drive profit. Insurance industries are using comprehensive business models to maximize customer retention.

Use of Salesforce in Insurance

Salesforce is the global leader in CRM today. The financial services cloud helps insurers build a strong relationship with policyholders to get an overall view of their household, life events and business claims. A breakthrough development in the insurance industry is possible by exploring and analyzing customer data and offering innovative business solutions.

By adopting a digital platform, insurers are able to collaborate with policyholders across multiple devices to enhance their financial service.

CRM is also essential for insurers to retain customer loyalty and outshine competitors with innovative and personalized business capabilities.

Expand Insurance innovations

Kcloud technologies offer seamless financial services CRM with smart insurance solutions. Avail intelligent, personalized CRM services to transform interactions between insurance agents and policyholders into a trusted one.

Grow your insurance business and promote brand recognition with salesforce. Engage effectively with policyholders to retain their loyalty with out of the box financial solutions to drive sales and automate business.

Kcloud financial services- An exclusive insurance experience

Kcloud strengthens relationships with insurers, agents and policyholders across all channels with specifically designed insurance capabilities

Goal based insurance solutions

Policyholders, today, are looking for goal based insurance service. Insurers can improve their productivity with innovative insights for customer engagement. With the help of Einstein analytics insurers, know their policyholders better and collaborate efficiently to deliver outstanding services. By leveraging data on current policies and claims, insurers can provide guidance to policyholders regarding proper coverage. Analytics can also help detect business risks, reduce transaction errors and maximize customer retention.

Personalized interactions

The insurance agency has a comprehensive view of policyholders’ touchpoints like life events, household, business investments, lifestyle and current policies. Based on this data, insurance representatives deliver unique customer service for business consistency and engaging policyholders to the maximum. Insurance companies can also track changes in customer needs like education, home buying, extending family and suggest suitable claims on property, casualty and life.. This will protect policyholders in the best possible way and improve productivity.

Intelligent Multi Channel insights

Insurance agents can connect with policyholders across various channels and devices for worthy interactions. The insurance agents receive customer information and respond to queries across e-mail, from anywhere, via any device, to offer immediate help. Policyholders can connect with an insurance representative real time to know the status of their claim.

Build trust through integrated solutions

An integrated CRM platform bridges the gap between the service and marketing teams and manages customer interactions with maximum business output. Exceed customer expectations by suggesting out of the box solutions to focus on customer needs. Get a 360-degree view of customers and add value with flexible solutions. Personalized interactions with policyholders will help to improve trust and implement transparent transactions. Community cloud increases operational efficiency by indicating the gaps in pending claims to increase visibility.

Smart insurance capabilities

Financial services cloud provides systematic solutions for customer pain points across different devices and applications. Agents can predict potential customers by analyzing data and conversations real time. The integration of marketing, sales and service platforms drives operational excellence by making customers the center of business. Cloud platforms help insurance providers meet customer expectations and digitize business by delivering a streamlined customer journey.

Empower policyholders with a seamless insurance service to reduce costs and error possibilities. Kcloud Technologies enhances policyholder, broker and agent interactions across different devices to offer out of the box insurance solutions.

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