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With the onset of the pandemic, we have entered into a new realm where business is not as usual. The physical distancing norms, which is crucial to staying healthy and averting the virus, has made us rethink ways, where businesses can run, but with new capabilities and adoption of new rules.

Restructuring and layoffs in companies have led to employee crisis and a host of unfinished projects. Many organizations are refraining from hiring full time employees to induce cost reduction strategies. A full time employee also brings in additional baggage of vacations, health benefits, paid leaves along with salaries. This proves a burden for an organization that is already facing cash crunches.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Resources

  • Remote working has immense potential in such trying times as it helps to onboard resources, having a wide range of skills, across geographies, to add value to an organization.
  • Along with adoption of a digital platform, hiring remote resources will be the new normal in a post Covid world to meet the evolving business needs. Remote working reduces constraints of office space and daily commuting. It also ensures flexible working hours and fills in your company’s staffing requirements. 
  • Hiring a remote workforce helps in optimizing automation to enable smooth running of services and respond to customer needs. Remote resources have a wide range of skillsets and intellectual capabilities and deliver innovative business solutions.

Kcloud technologies offer remote resources in different realms to fill in project related gaps and provide a low cost, flexible workflow for business.

Remote Resources from Kcloud

HR executives-  Remote HR executives take care of all human resource matters of an organization. They enable hiring, dismissal and training programs. Kcloud remote HR executives showcase strong interpersonal skills and monitor employee progress. They have exceptional analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. These remote HR workforce can connect different departments and educate employees on the company policies, health benefits and retirement terms. They also address workplace grievances and help employees stay productive and stress free.

Graphic Designer- Remote graphic designers provide creative visual solutions to captivate customer imagination. Create your company’s logo, brochures and magazine layouts. Remote graphic designers create attractive visuals with out of the box ideas to achieve client deliverables. 

Customer support executives – COVID19 and subsequent lockdowns has led to rising number inquiries of different products and services. Remote customer support executives with necessary skills and problem-solving abilities help in addressing customer complaints or take necessary feedbacks. These employees handle phone calls, emails, chats round the clock and are proficient in different communication tools. 

Virtual assistants-  Remote virtual assistants focus on business painpoints and minimizes workload.  These employees deliver skilled and cost effective ways to run a business and make the organization productive. Virtual assistants can take care of a multitude of tasks including data entry, customer support, scheduling meetings, market research and website development. Hiring a remote virtual assistant will ease the demanding tasks and respond to the growing employee crisis.

The “New Normal” has led to exploring new possibilities to make business grow. Hiring a remote workforce with different levels of expertise from Kcloud technologies, will maintain workflow and improve organizational efficiency.
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